The American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.), a fully professional resident theater company that makes its home at Harvard University's Loeb Drama Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, offers a comprehensive internship program in management and production. Under the artistic direction of Diane Paulus, the A.R.T. is a permanent ensemble of actors, directors, designers, playwrights, technicians, and administrators. One of the few resident theater companies in the country performing in rotating repertory, the A.R.T. produces a variety of works throughout the year, including performances at the Loeb Drama Center and Zero Arrow Theater, and a number of special events. The A.R.T. also engages in national and international touring and has established its own professional theater training program in association with the Moscow Art Theater School, the A.R.T./MXAT Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University. Members of the professional company and staff teach courses on the practice of theater at Harvard College, its Summer School, and its Extension School.

The A.R.T. is dedicated to the development of three distinct categories of work in its repertory: classic texts, which through new interpretation speak to contemporary audiences; neglected works of the past, frequently involving music, which are of particular interest to present-day audiences; and new works, primarily American, which reach beyond traditional theatrical conventions. Among the directors who have worked with the A.R.T. are such internationally celebrated artists as JoAnne Akalitis, Andrei Belgrader, Anne Bogart, Lee Breuer, Liviu Ciulei, Ron Daniels, Michael Engler, Dario Fo and Franca Rame, Richard Foreman, Michael Kahn, Jonathan Miller, Peter Sellars, Andrei Serban, Susan Sontag, Slobodan Unkovski, Andrzej Wajda, Robert Wilson, and Robert Woodruff. Interns will benefit from direct experience under the supervision of highly qualified personnel. A.R.T. internships are open to any interested person and are directed toward undergraduate and graduate students as well as young professionals.

College credit is available for certain internships through the intern's sponsoring institution. Qualified applicants will be interviewed either in person or on the telephone if time and distance present a hardship.

In addition to interning with A.R.T. departments, qualified interns may have the opportunity to work in their field on their own with a production for the A.R.T./MXAT Institute for Advanced Theater Training (which offers master's degree programs in acting, dramaturgy, and special studies).  This is an excellent opportunity for interns to apply their knowledge and gain additional hands-on experience.

The A.R.T. does not offer acting, directing, voice or movement internships. Foreign nationals are eligible, but you must provide your own visas. Neither the A.R.T. or Harvard can act as a visa sponsor.

Please also review the application requirements at the end of this page. Interns are selected on a rolling basis - there are no fixed deadlines. We encourage applicants to submit their materials as early as possible.


Production Internships are available for variable periods during the production season, from September through early July. Stipends to cover basic living expenses may be available. Summer Production Internships are sometimes available depending on our production calendar. If you are only available in the summer, you are still encouraged to apply and note that on your application.

Stage Management

Production Management







Running Crew


Administrative internships are available for variable periods throughout the year. Stipends are not available for these positions.

Artistic Management

Box Office


Financial Management


House Management

Marketing/Public Relations


The A.R.T. is currently not accepting internship applications. Please check this page in late January 2016 for information on available internships. Questions can be directed to

An application includes: a complete application form (available in pdf format - you will need Adobe Reader to view, enter data, and print it), a cover letter indicating specific area of interest and how this internship would be beneficial to both you and the A.R.T., an up-to-date résumé, and two letters of recommendation from people who know you and your work. Applications must be typed into the form on your computer (do not enter data by hand).

Important Note: On many computers you cannot save data entered into PDF forms unless you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat installed. Be sure to check your application form by re-opening the saved version before attaching the rest of your documents; you may need to print out the form and re-scan it to keep the data you have entered.

You must assemble your materials in the following order and scan or covert them to a single PDF file*, which you will attach to your submission e-mail. That e-mail should have the subject line ART Internship Application and be addressed to We only accept applications by e-mail.

1. Application form
2. Cover letter
3. Résumé
4. Letters of Recommendation (see below for more on what these letters must contain)

Do not submit incomplete or partial application sets; all of the above are required.

Letters of Recommendation

Recommendation letters for A.R.T. Internships should have the name of the applicant, the name of the person writing the recommendation, and the internship category at the top of the page. All information will be held in the strictest confidence. They must be signed, dated and typed or printed on School or Company letterhead. The letters should address the following questions:

1. How long, how well, and in what capacity have you known the applicant?
2. How does he or she handle responsibility?
3. How does the applicant handle direction?
4. How does the applicant work under pressure?
5. Is the applicant self-motivated? Can he or she work effectively with little direction?
6. What leadership qualities have you observed in the applicant? How does he or she handle leadership responsibilities?
7. Are there any other relevant facts or considerations about the applicant that are relevant to this application?

Failure to fully follow these guidelines and instructions may mean that your application will be discarded entirely. Please check to be sure your materials are complete and in the correct order before creating and attaching your PDF. You will receive an automated e-mail confirming our receipt of your application once you submit your e-mail.  Internships applications are processed on a rolling basis.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the volume of applications we receive, we cannot reply personally to every applicant or answer questions about applications once submitted.  If you have not been contacted by the department(s) to which you apply within one month of submission, you should assume we will not be able to give you the internship(s) for which you applied. Please feel free to apply again in the future.

Thank you for your interest in the American Repertory Theater.

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