The Terrie and Bradley Bloom Artistic Director, Diane Paulus


• Producer/Interim Managing Director Diane Borger
• Director of Artistic Programs/Dramaturg Ryan McKittrick
Director of Special Projects Ariane Barbanell
 Assistant Producer Mark Lunsford
Special Assistant to the Artistic Director Julia Fiske
• Company Manager Ryan Sweeney
• Resident Director Allegra Libonati
• Artistic Associate Shira Milikowsky


Director Scott Zigler
Administrative Director Julia Smeliansky
Associate Director Marcus Stern
Co-head of Dramaturgy Anatoly Smeliansky
Co-head of Dramaturgy Ryan McKittrick
Resident Literary Advisor Arthur Holmberg
Head of Voice and Speech Erika Bailey
• Institute Associate Sean Cummings
• Technical Director Skip Curtiss
• Student Financial Aid Administrator Janie Rangel


• Associate Producer Ariane Barbanell
• Venue Manager Leo X. Crowley
• Programming Manager Julia Kraus
• Assistant Venue Manager Megan Minger
• Programming Associate Ryan Sweeney
• Production Manager Skip Curtiss
• House Technician Justin Paice
• Sound Console Operator Alex Giorgetti



• Director of Development Megan Hinckley
• Deputy Director of Development Jessica Morrison
• Grants Manager Meghan Coleman
• Development Officers Lily Lewis-McNeil, Lindsay Soson
• Development Information Coordinator Brendyn Schneider
• Development Associate Jonathan Remmers
• Development Intern Helene Schultz

Marketing & Communications

• Director of Marketing and Communications Anna Fitzloff
• Director of Press and Public Relations Katalin Mitchell
Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications Grace Geller
• Graphic Designer Joel Zayac
• Education and Community Programs Manager Brendan Shea
• Education and Community Programs Associate Brenna Nicely
• Publications and Artistic Programs Associate Robert Duffley
• Videographer Johnathan Carr
• Social and Digital Media Assistant Mark Mauriello
• Marketing Interns Nicole Banks, Karlie Fitzgerald

Patron Services

• Director of Patron Services / System Administrator Derek Mueller
 Ticket Services Manager Alicia Curtis
• Audience Services Manager Stephen Wuycheck
• Senior Ticket Services Coordinator Karen Snyder
• Ticket Services Representative Cassandra Long
• Weekend Shift Supervisor Heather Conroe
• Ticket Services Staff Brittany Bonnell, Taylor Hughes, Natalie Lurowist, Nickolas Mellace, Jessica Mullen, Tani Nakamoto, Emma Putnam
• Duty House Managers Heather Conroe, Marissa L. Friedman, Stephanie Holmes, Brenna Nicely, Megan Nussle, Courtney Smith, Matthew Spano
• Volunteer Usher Coordinator Barbara Lindstrom


• General Manager Steven Showalter


 Director of Finance Kathryn Rosenberg
• Senior Financial Accountant John Josti
• Financial Administrator Stacie Hurst
Payroll Coordinator Paul Ravelo

• Accounting Assistant Toufiq Aitelfqih


Production Manager Patricia Quinlan
Associate Production Managers Skip CurtissJeremie Lozier
• HRDC Associate Kathryn Nakaji


Costume Shop Manager Jeannette Hawley
Assistant Costume Shop Manager Ameera Ali
Head Draper Caitlin Menotti
• Crafts Artisan Jeffrey Scott Burrows
Wardrobe Supervisor Alma Reyes
Wig Runner Emily Damron
• Costume/Props Stock Manager Suzanne Kadiff


Lighting Supervisor Matthew Adelman
• Assistant Lighting Design Wen-Ling Liao
• Light Board Operator Jeremy Goldenberg


• Props Manager Cynthia Lee-Sullivan
• Assistant Props Master Rebecca Helgeson


Technical Director Stephen Setterlun
Associate Technical Director Chris Swetcky
Assistant Technical Director Kristin Knutson
Shop Supervisor David Schultz
Scenic Charge Artist Jerry Vogt
Master Carpenter Peter Doucette
Scenic Carpenters Garret McEntee, York-Andreas Paris
• Scenic Painter Heather Morris


Sound Supervisor Sam Lerner
Sound Board Operator Brian Walters
Theatrical Audio Technician Katrina Sistare


• Stage Supervisor Henning Malm
Assistant Stage Supervisor Christopher Eschenbach
Production Assistants Keelia Liptak, Matthew Sebastian


• Theater and Facilities Manager Tracy Keene
Main Receptionists Sarah Leon, Maria Medeiros
• Receptionists Barbara Lindstrom, Sean O'Leary, Sarah Rodman, Matthew Spano

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