OBERON Presents The Mini Series: Performance for Small Audiences

For Immediate Release: September 30, 2016

Contact: Ari Barbanell 617.495.2668







U R , OCTOBER 13 – NOVEMBER 6, 2016

THE GARDEN, OCTOBER 22 – 30, 2016

TEMPING, MARCH 7 – 19, 2017

VIOLET, APRIL 4 – 15, 2017 


Cambridge, MA – OBERON, the American Repertory Theater’s (A.R.T.) second stage and club theater venue, presents The Mini Series: Performance for Small Audiences – a series designed for audiences of one to twenty-five. These intimate experiences blur the boundaries between performer and spectator, challenging our notions of form and content. Performances include U R ★, The Garden, temping, and Violet.


Performances in The Mini Series will take place in various locations around OBERON. Prior to the performance, patrons will be alerted of the performance location and/or location to meet a show representative whom will accompany the audience to the performance space.


Tickets for The Mini Series are currently on sale to the general public. Tickets are available by phone and in-person sales only. Patrons are highly encouraged to contact the Ticket Services Office with any mobility concerns or questions. Ticket Services can be reached at 617.547.8300 (Tues – Sun, noon – 5PM) and in person at the Loeb Drama Center (64 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA).


Additional tickets for The Mini Series performances may be released daily during performance periods. There will be a standby line for each performance in the event that tickets become available. Information on standby procedures can be found at americanrepertorytheater.org/MiniSeries. Patrons should also follow @americanrep on Twitter and Facebook for updates on availability.



U R 

By Finkle

October 13 – November 6, 2016

Tickets $35


A graphic-novel, musical experience presented in the artist’s apartment for audiences of five people. Told through music and hand-drawn visuals, this whimsical and intensely personal journey is an experiment in the relationship between audience and artist and an exploration of what it means to grapple with darkness.

Finkle is the alter-ego of Kenny Finkle, whose plays include: Indoor/OutdoorAlive and WellPenelope of IthacaTransatlanticaA Thousand YearsJosh Keenan Comes Out to the World, and Syd Arthur. Over the last three years, Finkle has been developing a series of non-traditional theatrical works with music and visual art entitled HEART MUST RACE. U R ★ is the first piece in the HEART MUST RACE series. 

U R ★ is recommended for audiences 18+. It contains graphic language, adult themes, and sexual content.




By Nichole Canuso Dance Company

October 21 – 30, 2016

Tickets $35

Oscillating between viewer and participant, four audience members embark on an intimate yet expansive journey inspired by Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities and Jorge Luis Borges’ short story “The Garden of Forking Paths.” This immersive physical and aural experience leads audience via headset, on solo journeys that intersect. Conceived and directed by Nichole Canuso, The Garden uses original music by Michael Kiley and James Sugg along with writing contributed by Jacki Sibblies Drury and Anna McDonald, to create a sprawling exploration of possibilities, executed on the smallest possible scale.

A.R.T. partners with the Harvard Art Museums as The Garden takes place in the stunning Adolphus Busch Hall, the former location of the Busch-Reisinger Museum. Founded in 1901 as the Germanic Museum, the Busch-Reisinger Museum is dedicated to the study of all modes and periods of art from central and northern Europe, with an emphasis on German-speaking countries. Adolphus Bush Hall houses the museum’s founding collection of plaster casts of medieval art and is the venue for concerts on its world-renowned Flentrop pipe organ. It serves as an extraordinary backdrop for The Garden.


By Wolf 359

March 7 – 19, 2017

Tickets $45


Somewhere in a filing cabinet in Delaware or Indiana, there is a table that shows how long we’re expected to live. Most of us will never see it. But what if your job was to update these tables, to record the beginnings and ends of thousands of lives? What if you found the formula to predict your own lifespan?


Sarah Jane Tully, a 53-year-old actuary, is taking her first vacation in years, and you’ve been hired to cover for her. temping, the strange and comic tale of an employee’s inner life, is performed for an audience of one by a Windows PC, a corporate phone, a laser printer, and the Microsoft Office Suite. Filling in at Sarah Jane's cubicle, you’ll update client records, send emails, and eavesdrop on intra-office romance. Each performance is unique, depending on which tasks you accomplish and which of your co-workers you decide to trust.


temping is the newest work by Wolf 359, a company of narrative technologists whose productions have been seen at Lincoln Center, Joe’s Pub, the New York Film Festival, Berlin’s Voices of Change Festival, and Ars Nova, among others. Wolf 359 returns to Cambridge after their OBERON Presents debut in October 2015 with Song of a Convalescent Ayn Rand (Giving Thanks To the Godhead in the Lydian Mode).


Contrasting the anonymity of an Excel spreadsheet with furtive moments of human intimacy, temping brings you deep into the heart of corporate America. Congratulations, you’re the new temp! Get ready to work.



Music by Jeanine Tesori

Book and Lyrics by Brian Crawley

Based on The Ugliest Pilgrim by Doris Betts

Directed by Sammi Cannold

April 4 – 15, 2017

Tickets $35


Violet on a bus is the travel musical that actually travels. Violet tells the story of a young woman who journeys cross-country to seek treatment for a disfiguring scar she’s had since childhood. Much of Violet’s tale unfolds on a bus bound for Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1964 South. In this production, when Violet boards that bus, you will too. Next spring, join Violet on her journey aboard a 36-seat vehicle complete with singing and dancing passengers and a heart-warming story of healing, love, and what it means to be beautiful.



OBERON is the American Repertory Theater’s second stage, a destination for theater and nightlife on the fringe of Harvard Square. In addition to offering work from the A.R.T.’s main season, OBERON is also a thriving incubator for local, emerging and celebrated artists to imagine new projects that could only exist in this exciting club-theater environment.  Thousands of artists and performance groups bring work to the space each year. OBERON regularly features local performers including aerialists, beat poets, food artists, tap dancers, gender-bending sketch troupes, comedians, hula-hooping burlesquers, and pop-and-lock human statues to name a few.


OBERON is located at 2 Arrow Street at the corner of Mass Ave. in Harvard Square, Cambridge. For tickets, call (617) 547-8300, or visit cluboberon.com.


Release Date:
September 30, 2016

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