Meet the A.R.T. Institute Alumni Association

Meet the Alumni Association

Who are the volunteers behind the A.R.T. Institute Alumni Association? Here are the names, faces and (some) information about the Institute graduates who run the Alumni Association. Click names and pictures for more information.

  Kaaron Briscoe Minefee Acting '09
Based in New York
  Rebekah Maggor Acting '03
President Emeritus
Based in Nashville
  Nick Newell Acting '01
Vice President
Based in Boston
  Dan Domingues Acting '03
Based in New York
  Marguerite Stimpson Acting '01
Based in New York
  Devon Berkshire Acting '06
Based in New York
  Shawn René Graham Dramaturgy '96
Based in New York
  Adam Kern Acting '08
Based in New York
  Nurit Monacelli Acting '00
Based in New York
  Todd Olson Directing '98
Based in St Petersburg, FL.
  Peter Richards Acting '05
Based in New York 


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