Donate a Book to Massachusetts Department of Youth Services

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The period for donations has closed. Together with our audiences we were able to collect 100 books for the Massachusetts Department of Youth Services. Thank you to everyone who donated!

All donations will be used to provide youth involved in the juvenile justice system with high quality, engaging reading materials designed to foster an interest in reading and the development of practical skills. By expanding the reading materials available to these youth, we will help them envision a world bigger and richer than their current circumstances and equip them for a life of learning. We appreciate all donations.

Please see the below list of specific books requested.


Alexander, Kwame – The Crossover DONATION RECEIVED

Alexander, Kwame – He Said, She Said DONATION RECEIVED


Arthus-Bertrand, Yann – The New Earth from Above: 365 Days


Barlow, Genevieve – Stories from Latin America/Historias de LatinoamericaDONATION RECEIVED

Beah, Ishmael – A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier DONATION RECEIVED

Bray, Libba – Going Bovine DONATION RECEIVED

Brooks, Max and White, Caanan – The Harlem HellfightersDONATION RECEIVED

Brown, Claude – Manchild In a Promise LandDONATION RECEIVED

Burcaw, Shane – Laughing at My NightmareDONATION RECEIVED


Canada, Geoffrey and Nicholas, Jamar – Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence DONATION RECEIVED

Cochrane, Mick – FitzDONATION RECEIVED

Common – One Day It’ll Make SenseDONATION RECEIVED

Crawford, Saffi and Sullivan, Geraldine – The Power of Birthdays, Stars & Numbers: The Complete Personology Reference Guide


Daniels, Babygirl – 16 ½ on the Block

Davidson, Dana – Played

De la Peña, Matt – We Were HereDONATION RECEIVED

DePrince, Michaela and Deprince, Elaine – Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star BallerinaDONATION RECEIVED

Devorkin, David and Smith, Robert – Hubble: Imagining Space and Time

Douglas, Ashanti – Foolish/Unfoolish: Reflections On Love


Ewing, Lynne – The LureDONATION RECEIVED



Fradkin, Barbara – Evil Behind That Door: A Cedric O’Toole Mystery

Franco, Betsy – Falling Hard: 100 Love Poems by Teenagers

Frisch, Aaron – NBA Champions: New York Knicks


Ganter, Christoph – Graffiti School: A Student Guide and Teacher Manual

Giovanni, Nikki – The 100 Best African American PoemsDONATION RECEIVED

Griffin, Paul – Burning Blue

Griffin, Paul – Ten Mile River

Grant, Christopher – Teenie


Halse Anderson, Laurie – TwistedDONATION RECEIVED

Harper, Hill – Letters to a Young Brother: Manifest Your DestinyDONATION RECEIVED

Harrison, Blake; Rappaport, Alexander and Mulready, Ann Marie – Flocabulary: The Hip-Hop Approach to SAT-Level Vocabulary Building

Hunter, Travis – Two The Hard WayDONATION RECEIVED



Johnson, Angela – The First Part LastDONATION RECEIVED
Jordan, Dream – Bad Boy DONATION RECEIVED
Joseph, Jamal – Panther Baby


Keogh, Sian – Show Me the Money!

Kibuishi, Kazu – Flight Volume Six

Kowalski, William – The Barrio KingsDONATION RECEIVED

Lake, Nick – In DarknessDONATION RECIEVED

Lee, Darrien – Denim Diaries 1: 16 Going on 21

LeFlore, Lyah and Warfield, DL – The World Is Mine (The Come Up)

Levithan, David – Every Day DONATION RECEIVED

Loy Gilbert, Kelly – ConvictionDONATION RECEIVED

Lynch, Chris – InexcusableDONATION RECEIVED


Magoon, Kekla – How It Went DownDONATION RECEIVED

Maldonado, Torrey – Secret Saturdays

Marion, Isaac – Warm Bodies

McCall, Nathan – Makes Me Wanna HollerDONATION RECEIVED

McGruder, Aaron – Fresh For ’01… You Suckas: A Boondocks Collection

McKay, Sharon and Bell, Jennifer – War Brothers: The Graphic NovelDONATION RECEIVED

McVoy, Terra Elan - Criminal

Morgenroth, Kate - JudeDONATION RECEIVED

Moskowitz, Hannah - Teeth

Myers, Walter Dean – Bad Boy: A MemoirDONATION RECEIVED

Myers, Walter Dean - Carmen

Myers, Walter Dean – Fallen Angels DONATION RECEIVED

Myers, Walter Dean – The Glory Field

Myers, Walter Dean – LockdownDONATION RECEIVED

Myers, Walter Dean – Monster DONATION RECEIVED

Myers, Walter Dean – On A Clear Day

Myers, Walter Dean – Slam! DONATION RECEIVED


National Geographic Kids and Halling, Jonathan – Weird But True: 300 Outrageous FactsDONATION RECEIVED

Neri, G. – Knockout Games

Neri, G. and Duburke, Randy – Yummy: The Last Days of a Southside ShortyDONATION RECEIVED

Nouvian, Claire – The Deep: The Extraordinary Creatures of the AbyssDONATION RECEIVED


Osborne, Ben; Jackson, Scoop; Bengtson; Whitaker, Lang; Brilliant, John – SLAM Kicks: Basketball Sneakers that Changed the Game


Perez, Ashley Hope – The Knife and the ButterflyDONATION RECEIVED

Perkins-Hazuka, Christine; Hazuka, Tom and Budman, Mark – Sudden Flash Youth: 65 Short-Short Stories



Riordan, Rick and Rocco, John – Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series DONATION RECEIVED

Ross, Mark and Reesor, David – Predator: Life and Death in the African Bush

Ruffin, Frances – Sterling Biographies: Frederick Douglass: Rising Up from SlaveryDONATION RECEIVED


Saddleback Educational Publishing – Hip-Hop Biographies: Chris Brown

Saddleback Educational Publishing – Hip-Hop Biographies: Drake

Saddleback Educational Publishing – Hip-Hop Biographies: Jay-Z DONATION RECEIVED

Saddleback Educational Publishing – Hip-Hop Biographies: Lil Wayne

Saddleback Educational Publishing – Hip-Hop Biographies: Pharell

Saddleback Educational Publishing – Hip-Hop Biographies: Rihanna

Saddleback Educational Publishing – Hip-Hop Biographies: 50 Cent

Salmansohn, Karen – The Bounce Back Book: How to Thrive in the Face of Adversity, Setbacks, and Losses

Schwartz, Alvin – Historias de Miedo: Relatos Aterradores Para Helarte la Sangre

Scieszka, Jon – Guys Write for Guys Read: Boys’ Favorite Authors Write About Being BoysDONATION RECEIVED

Shan, Darren – Cirque du Freak: A Living NightmareDONATION RECEIVED

Shan, Darren – Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant

Silvera, Adam – More Happy Than Not DONATION RECEIVED

Simmons, Russell and Morrow, Chris  – Do You!: 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success

Simon, Charnan – Plan B (Surviving Southside)

Simone, Ni-Ni and London, Kelli – The Break-Up Diaries

Simone, Ni-Ni and Abrams, Amir – Get Ready for War

Simone, Ni-Ni – A Girl Like Me DONATION RECEIVED

Simone, Ni-Ni – If I Was Your Girl

Simone, Ni-Ni – No Boyz Allowed

Simone, Ni-Ni and Abrams, Amir – Put Your Diamonds Up

Simone, Ni-Ni – Teenage Love Affair

Sitomer, Alan Lawrence – Caged WarriorDONATION RECEIVED

Sitomer, Alan Lawrence – HomeboyzDONATION RECEIVED

Sitomer, Alan Lawrence – The Secret Story of Sonia RodriguezDONATION RECEIVED

SparkNotes and Wiegle, Matt – No Fear Shakespeare Graphic Novels: Romeo and JulietDONATION RECEIVED

Stone, Lee Tanya – Up Close: Ella Fitzgerald


Takoudes, Greg – When We Wuz Famous

Talmadge, Eva and Taylor, Justin – The Word Made Flesh: Literary Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide

Tezuka, Osamu – Buddha, Vol. 1: KapilavastuDONATION RECEIVED

Tezuka, Osamu – Buddha, Vol. 2: The Four Encounters

Tezuka, Osamu – Buddha, Vol. 3: Devadatta

Tezuka, Osamu – Buddha, Vol. 4: The Forest of Uruvela

Tezuka, Osamu – Buddha, Vol. 5: Deer ParkDONATION RECEIVED

Tezuka, Osamu – Buddha, Vol. 6: Ananda

Tezuka, Osamu – Buddha, Vol. 7: Prince Ajatasattu

Tezuka, Osamu – Buddha, Vol. 8: Jetavana



Vaughan, Brian K. and Henrichon, Niko – Pride of BaghdadDONATION RECEIVED

Volponi, Paul – Black and WhiteDONATION RECEIVED

Volponi, Paul – The Hand You’re DealtDONATION RECEIVED

Voorhees, Coert – The Brothers TorresDONATION RECEIVED


Walde, Claudia – Graffiti Alphabets: Street Fonts from Around the WorldDONATION RECEIVED

Worthy, Shanya – Lebron James: Basketball Legend (Inspiring Lives)DONATION RECEIVED




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