What A.R.T. Means to Me

Donors at our A.R.T. N.Y.C. Spring Celebration with Davone Tines

A.R.T. donors give to make our work possible - and because of what our work makes possible for them.

I have been attending A.R.T. performances sporadically since the late 80s when I began as a student at Harvard. I feel a sense of loyalty to a theater that has treated me to countless memorable performances.

-        Jennifer Cardillo

I love theater and the A.R.T. has produced some of my most memorable theater experiences going back 20 years. Now that I am a parent, I particularly appreciate your recent move to family-appropriate productions over the holidays. I choose to donate because I want to support this high quality art being made accessible to my community.

-        Kristin Hendler

I have been a supporter for over 30 years. It is a habit now. I think giving some of my excess resources to support the arts is a civic responsibility.

-        William Zinn

We are very fortunate to have the A.R.T. here in the Boston area. The productions are Broadway quality in an intimate setting.

-        William LeBlanc

I have had a lifelong love of theater and Harvard University. Five years ago, Diane Paulus set out her vision for the future of the A.R.T. in the opening Harvard Alumni Association speech the year I was president. Because of that speech, and because  Diane has consistently provided highly creative productions since that speech, it has opened up the A.R.T. to the undergraduate community and helped to bring about concentrations in the theater arts at the University. I donate with pleasure to the A.R.T.

-        Robert Bowie

I always enjoy the anticipation of coming into the city for an A.R.T. experience which is filled with surprises and generates interesting discussions. I love the audience mix, which is theater in itself. I find the whole A.R.T. environment exhilarating. A.R.T. has certainly spoiled me with intriguing opportunities. Each staff member with whom I have had interaction has been gracious and helpful. I have enjoyed meeting other donors and staff at ART functions--and the functions have been fun and exciting themselves.

-        Marta Bach

A.R.T. is part of our community—both immediate and greater Boston. We believe in supporting community institutions even if we don't personally take advantage of them (even though in the case of A.R.T. we always look forward to attending). My husband and I have each had experiences with the performing arts that have shaped us and brought enjoyment even as adults. We enjoy knowing that supporting theater in the greater Boston area allows many to experience performances that entertain and perhaps inspire a deeper engagement with the arts. It's great fun to see shows developing and to know that we are getting a first peek at something that may go on to provoke and entertain others in New York, around the country, and even around the world.

- Anonymous

I believe in the mission of the organization, and the leadership, and I believe the ART provides a wide range of thoughtful, entertaining, and even transformative performances.  Taken together the performances and the community at the A.R.T. contribute to a vibrant cultural environment in Cambridge and beyond.  The outreach program to students in less affluent communities is also a part of my interest in the A.R.T. There are so many things I love about the institution: the creative energy of Diane Paulus and the team around her; the connections she has made in the Harvard community; the interesting rule breaking productions at the OBERON; and of course Waitress, Pippin, Witness Uganda to name a few. 

-        Marcia Head

Diane Paulus is doing a fabulous job, as is the entire staff. The A.R.T. has become a happening place, and clearly, the younger demographic has been reached and they like what they see and hear.  There is an animation and excitement and a real sense of community. The future is bright - and healthy. 

-        Cokie Perry

I strongly believe in the A.R.T.'s mission of expanding the boundaries of theater. Theater is a unique medium that can connect to every person, regardless of profile or background. My favorite A.R.T. memory is the first time I attended Sleep No More. It opened my mind to the definition of what theater could be. I love how the A.R.T. lets me use parts of my brain that don't get used enough in my day job. I also love bringing people to the theater who previously didn't have much exposure to theater.

-        Mike Feinstein

I donate to the A.R.T. because of the invaluable role of integrating arts broadly into education, for the role of the arts in advancing conversations (especially as they can happen in a University setting), and because the productions are of such high caliber. It is nice to know that funding is not limiting what can be produced.

-        Kate Gellert

What can the A.R.T. make possible for you?

If you have any questions about the A.R.T.'s fundraising efforts or making a gift, please contact Eric Bailey at 617.496.2000 x 8925 or eric_bailey@harvard.edu.

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