Franklin Park Podcast Plays

For the full experience, click the title of the Podcast Play to download from SoundCloud, then take these podcasts on a walk through Franklin Park in Jamaica Plain. Listen to each play in the location that inspired it!

Franklin Park
826 Boston + Franklin Park Coalition

Oh Sheboygan!
by Natalya, Jair and Samantha

Elektra is a vampire. Her boyfriend, Johnny, is a vampire...hunter. Opposites attract in this thrilling supernatural romance, which asks the question: what would you sacrific for love? Listen at White Stadium in Franklin Park.

Featuring A.R.T. Institute actors Samara Kelly, Justin Packard and Martha Boles.


The Secret of Frog Manor
by Kevin, Martin, Asja and Yeab

In an alternate history Franklin Park, a secret underground war rages between Russia and the United States. Only the brilliant but troubled chemist, Patrick Frog, can decide the fate of the world. Will his descendants discover the secret of Frog Manor in time to prevent World War III? Listen at the Overlook Ruins in Franklin Park.

Featuring A.R.T. Institute actors Mario Haynes, Justin Packard, Martha Boles, Samara Kelly and Alec Wilson.


The Treehouse in the Deep, Dark Woods
by Buddy, Tobi and Theo

Team Rising Falcon's Treehouse HQ enjoys a prime spot in the Franklin Park woods, while their mortal enemy, Sam's Crew, languishes in the leaves. Sam and his crony, Footrest, are hatching a diabolical plot to lay siege to the Team's fort. It will probably involve water balloons. Listen while walking the Wilderness trail in Franklin Park.

Featuring A.R.T. Institute actors Martha Boles, Justin Packard, Alec Wilson, Mario Haynes and Samara Kelly.

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