Harvard Ed Portal Podcast Plays (2015)

This Fall, we were fortunate to team up with our friends at the Harvard Ed Portal (you need to check out their new space) and the City of Boston's Department of Youth Engagement & Employment on a pretty special Podcast Play-- each week, we met up with teens from three different work sites around Allston/Brighton and built a playwrights' enclave at the Ed Portal.

The short plays you'll find posted here are inspired by the prompts: "Where I'm from could be better if..." / "Where I'm from could be worse if..." It was a way of looking collaboratively at the assumptions, obstacles and politics that affect Allston/Brighton youth every day. Moreover, the playwrights were tasked to find a space within the Ed Portal to situate their miniature narratives. They were given an extensive "ingredient list" of theatrical devices ("a surprise entrance," for example) and only 30 minutes to write a complete play that would work as an audio-only experience. No big deal.

Virtually all of these teens are first-time playwrights and first-time theatergoers, too. We all went to see Waitress, and had the chance to talk about career pathways in the arts with some colleagues at the A.R.T. This Podcast Play iteration definitely stood out as one of the more multilayered programs we've tackled with these little ol' recordings. Special thanks to the A.R.T. Institute for performing and recording the plays!

Below is a sample; visit our Soundcloud page for the rest of the playlist!

Inside the Harvard Ed Portal, Allston!

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