The White Card Act II

Act II for The White Card

The White Card was inspired, in part, by playwright Claudia Rankine's question, “Can we stay in the room to have a conversation about race?” Following performances of the play, audience members are invited to remain in the theater for a 20-minute facilitated conversation. In conjunction with Act II, a range of other initiatives and resources on this page also endeavor to extend the conversation around the play and spark action.

Act II Team

Act II Facilitator Trainer: Stacy Blake-Beard
Act II Facilitators: Bethany M. Allen, Betsy Bard, Kevin Becerra, Lizzy Cooper Davis, Robert Duffley, Ashley Herring, Trina Jackson, Kathy McDonough, James Montaño, Brenna Nicely, Leslie Sterling, Maureen White


Citizen Read

ArtsEmerson and American Repertory Theater invite individuals and groups from Boston, Cambridge, and beyond to join us in a dynamic project exploring the construction of race and identity in America. Citizen Read discussions kicked off in January, and to date, more than 1,300 area residents are participating. Citizen Read facilitated conversations of Rankine's 2014 New York Times bestselling book of poetry Citizen: An American Lyric in book clubs throughout Boston and Cambridge, a public dialogue featuring Claudia Rankine and book club participants, and an opportunity to attend the world premiere of Rankine’s new play, The White Card.

Official enrollment has closed, but if you or your book group are interested in hosting a conversation about Citizenplease visit this page for a facilitation guide.


Citizen Speak

ArtsEmerson and The American Repertory Theater invite audiences to a conversation with acclaimed author, poet, and MacArthur Fellow Claudia Rankine where she and collaborator P. Carl will discuss the journey from her 2014 New York Times best-selling book of poetry Citizen: An American Lyric to her world premiere play The White Card. This event is an opportunity to continue the conversation that over one thousand people in Greater Boston have participated in as a part of Citizen Read.

The conversation will be informed by questions gathered from Citizen Read participants. Seeking ways to have meaningful and productive conversations around race, participants have posed questions to themselves, to their communities, and to Ms. Rankine.



Read More, Do More

Looking for more spaces to continue the conversation or take action? This resource list has some suggestions about resources to engage and local organizations to connect with. 


Don't Miss

The White Card Sister Circle
Join a conversation for women of color who have seen The White Card.
Monday, March 26, 2018, 6PM - 8PM
Rehearsal Studio 7, 4th Floor, Emerson Paramount Center @ 555 Washington Street, Boston, MA (adjacent to the Paramount Center Box Office entrance)

In The White Card, playwright Claudia Rankine invites the world to transform how we think about what it means to live and breathe in our racialized world. Destiny Polk, American Repertory Theater's Community Programs Assistant and founder of art-activist platform Radical Black Girl, is hosting this Sister Circle to collectively process and reimagine the world we live in. We are excited to create a space where women of color who have seen The White Card can gather to have deeper conversation about the issues brought up in the play with actress Karen Pittman.
Sign up here.