Alexander Boyce

Alexander Boyce

When it comes to magic, Alexander Boyce is a contradiction. He’s experienced yet young, old school but hip, mischievous yet authentic. From appearances at The Magic Castle in Hollywood to the long-running hit Speakeasy Magick at The McKittrick Hotel in New York City, Boyce leaves audiences with an astonished smile. His magical work was recently put to use as the Magic Consultant at Lincoln Center and the Netflix feature The Week Of. He has worked wonders as a magician for clients including Amazon, Google, and NASDAQ. A recent graduate from NYU, Alexander Boyce has spent the last several years touring the world sharing his unique style of magic, including performances in Cuba as one of the first American magicians to appear there since the revolution. Alexander considers himself lucky in that he gets to share the magic that he’s so passionate about with audiences all over the world.