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Daniel Lazour, Patrick Lazour, Taibi Magar, and Diane Paulus as the A.R.T. 2018/19 Season Preview.

A.R.T.’s Terrie and Bradley Bloom Artistic Director Diane Paulus in conversation with the creators of We Live in Cairo

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Egyptian protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square

On January 25, 2011, hundreds, then thousands, of Egyptians descended upon Tahrir Square in Cairo to call for “bread, freedom, and social justice.”

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Sara Porkalob, Diana Oh, and Kareem Khubchandani in conversation

Performance artists Diana Oh and Sara Porkalob sat down for a personal, wide-ranging discussion in anticipation of their shows in the A.R.T. Breakout series.

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Jo Yang in Endlings.

Endlings Playwright Celine Song and Director Sammi Cannold share their journeys to this underwater world premiere.

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Michael Schachter and Davóne Tines in a developmental workshop for The Black Clown.

An interview with The Black Clown Co-Adaptors Davóne Tines and Michael Schachter

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Cast and team of Jagged Little Pill

Alanis Morissette on creating harmony in life and art.

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The cast of We Live in Cairo in rehearsal.

The Lazours and their director, Taibi Magar, want to explore what unfolded in the eight years since the events of the revolution and ask hard questions. “What is the nature of activism? Is activism personal? Is it political?” Patrick says. “When is it time to act? When is it time to step aside? Is it ever time to step aside? And how far does one go, how much does one sacrifice, for the love of one’s country?”

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Jakeim Hart, Abubakr Ali, Dana Saleh Omar, and Layan Elwazani in rehearsal for We Live in Cairo.

When they first began writing the play, Daniel and Patrick were 19 and 23 respectively. They wanted to capture this very seminal, inspiring moment of revolution in Egypt. As Lebanese Americans who grew up celebrating Arab culture, they sought to create a play that would combat the negative, post-9/11 portrayal of the Middle East in the Western media.

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Sara Porkalob in Dragon Mama.

Porkalob is generating plenty of electricity...​Her combination of emotional honesty and next-level virtuosity is hard to beat.

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Sara Porkalob in Dragon Lady.

“If all of these stories that I've been learning about in college look nothing like me [or] the people that I came from,” Porkalob says, “[And] also comment on [them] in a way that I find problematic — racist, sexist, classist, not true, damaging, dehumanizing — then maybe I should write different stories.”

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Emily Kuroda, Wai Ching Ho, and Jo Yang in Endlings.

Immense acting talent—the trio have a wonderful natural chemistry, and each plays their role with heart and outstanding comedic timing.

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The cast of Endlings.

[Playwright Celine Song] has a large talent, wedded to a poetic sensibility and an admirable fearlessness. So does director Sammi Cannold.

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Emily Kuroda and Wai Ching Ho in Endlings.

“Every casting director would tell you — even the amazing ones who are very good at casting people of color — that it’d be a difficult group to cast,” Song said.

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