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Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes’ 1931 poem is brought to the stage August 31 - September 23, 2018. Note: this piece contains racial slurs.

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Michael Schachter and Davóne Tines in a developmental workshop for The Black Clown.

An interview with The Black Clown Co-Adaptors Davóne Tines and Michael Schachter

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The Black Clown choreographer Chanel DaSilva.

“I love that art has the power to be so beautifully subjective. Everyone leaves with a different meaning.” - Chanel DaSilva

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Creative team of Jagged Little Pill

Artists who have developed work at A.R.T. share some of the ways Jagged Little Pill impacted them personally and professionally.

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The cast of The Black Clown.

PURE POETRY! An exceptional all-black ensemble…spun, stomped, and soared through songs of joy, grief, and rage.

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AN EXQUISITE SHOW! Song and sight that plunges into the soul. I'm still thinking about it. Precisely why we have and need theater.

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Powerful, stunning, and brilliantly innovative. Transfixing and indelible. Hughes' poem, and this show rouses itself, and us, to a ringing triumphal declaration.

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