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Linda Cho at the A.R.T. Costume Shop

Between costume fittings for Endlings, Linda Cho shared her designs for the production.

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Chris Butler in Othello.

Imagining Othello in a contemporary US context, with director Bill Rauch and actor Chris Butler.

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Bill Rauch and Stephen Greenblatt onstage at Farkas Hall.

A conversation with the Director of Othello and the Shakespeare historian about the themes, motifs, and issues raised in the play.

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Robeson is triumphant! - Howard Barnes, Herald Tribune

Finding Othello in the Harvard Theatre Collection at Houghton Library

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Creators of Miss You Like Hell Quiara Alegría Hudes and Erin McKeown.

An interview with Miss You Like Hell authors Quiara Alegría Hudes and Erin McKeown

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Chris Butler and Danforth Comins in Othello.

Driven by Chris Butler’s masterly performance in the title role…a portrayal of Iago by Danforth Comins is very nearly as impressive.

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Alejandra Escalante and Chris Butler in Othello.

Powerful. Strong performances...buoyed by Chris Butler’s poignant portrayal of the title role. A fleet and thoughtful staging.

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Krystal Hernandez, Johanna Carlisle-Zepeda, and Cristhian Mancinas-García

‘Miss You Like Hell’ has a timely tale to tell and a compelling reason to exist.

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Bill Rauch in conversation with Stephen Greenblatt

Othello director Bill Rauch recently sat down with Shakespeare expert and John Cogan University Professor of the Humanities Stephen Greenblatt for a conversation about the Bard’s resonance with modern viewers, the importance of a diverse cast, the music in the language of the play, and more.

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Johanna Carlisle-Zepeda and Krystal Hernandez in Miss You Like Hell.

With a mix of iconoclasm and patriotism, Erin McKeown has created a unique and emblematic piece of art in the musical “Miss You Like Hell,” which follows a mother and daughter road trip and looks at the border wall that may come between them.

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At the American Repertory Theater, “Barber Shop Chronicles” celebrates the camaraderie and intimacy of black barbershops in Africa and England. On stage, the shops come alive with arguments over Nelson Mandela, soccer, family, and music. There is dancing, there are tears, there are secrets shared. Some men come in to get cuts, some are there to just be among friends.

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