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Jo Yang in Endlings.

Endlings Playwright Celine Song and Director Sammi Cannold share their journeys to this underwater world premiere.

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Celine Song

Endlings is the first play that I wrote without any thought toward how it would be produced or what it would do for my career. It is the play that taught me not to care about what the artistic directors and literary managers would say.

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Linda Cho at the A.R.T. Costume Shop

Between costume fittings for Endlings, Linda Cho shared her designs for the production.

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Robeson is triumphant! - Howard Barnes, Herald Tribune

Finding Othello in the Harvard Theatre Collection at Houghton Library

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Cast and team of Jagged Little Pill

Alanis Morissette on creating harmony in life and art.

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Emily Kuroda, Wai Ching Ho, and Jo Yang in Endlings.

Immense acting talent—the trio have a wonderful natural chemistry, and each plays their role with heart and outstanding comedic timing.

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The cast of Endlings.

[Playwright Celine Song] has a large talent, wedded to a poetic sensibility and an admirable fearlessness. So does director Sammi Cannold.

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Emily Kuroda and Wai Ching Ho in Endlings.

“Every casting director would tell you — even the amazing ones who are very good at casting people of color — that it’d be a difficult group to cast,” Song said.

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Chris Butler and Danforth Comins in Othello.

Driven by Chris Butler’s masterly performance in the title role…a portrayal of Iago by Danforth Comins is very nearly as impressive.

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Alejandra Escalante and Chris Butler in Othello.

Powerful. Strong performances...buoyed by Chris Butler’s poignant portrayal of the title role. A fleet and thoughtful staging.

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