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Anti-Racism Commitment

A.R.T. is unequivocally opposed to hate and centers anti-racism as a core value. We expect everyone in the A.R.T. community, including our audiences, to uphold these values, and as such, we will not tolerate anti-Blackness or racism of any kind in our buildings nor at our online events.

We aim to create an environment that is uninhabitable to racism and discrimination, and where all BIPOC staff, artists, volunteers, audience, and community are seen, heard, valued, and provided the opportunity to thrive. This work is only possible when we do it together. Thank you for being our partner in it.


The Loeb Drama Center where the A.R.T. performs is located on the traditional and ancestral land of the Massachusett, the original inhabitants of what is now known as Boston and Cambridge. We pay respect to the people of the Massachusett Tribe, past and present, and honor the land itself which remains sacred to the Massachusett People.