Díjí Kay

A.R.T.: Debut. DeShaun Gordon-King, artistically known as Díjí Kay, is quickly becoming a flutist of note. Known for his soulful tone and mesmerizing phrasing, he has given performances throughout Europe, Asia, and the United States, earning him recognition as a Trevor James Alto Flute artist. Díjí Kay grew up surrounded by jazz and gospel music and began his classical studies while at Duke University. A recent graduate of the Longy School of Music, Díjí Kay has made appearances with the Boston Celebrity Series, Castle of Our Skins, Juventas New Music Ensemble, and Shelter Music Boston and was a featured artist of the National Flute Association 2020 National Flute Convention. His primary teachers include Sergio Pallottelli, Rebecca Troxler, Keith Underwood, and Kaori Fujii.