Tina Cavicchio

Tina Cavicchio

Tina Cavicchio or T (she/her/they/them) is an international dance artist and founder/director of Next Level Fusion Dance Company. T got her start early in life, training in jazz and ballroom. She continued her studies into the Latin dance community with salsa and bachata as well as contemporary, Afro-Cuban, ballet, waacking, and hip hop. T is known for her creative fusion choreography and inspiring story telling through her dance. As a queer female lead, follow, and solo dancer, T has become a major advocate for individual empowerment and expression. T’s goals as a teacher is to challenge her students to walk through fear, helping them to tell their story on stage, and to empower others along the way. Each day inspires her to push the limits of Latin dance in her choreography while also paying respects to the history and roots of those dances.