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The A.R.T. is dedicated to providing quality arts experiences for everyone.

Access at the Loeb Drama Center Accessible Assistive Listening T-Coil Large Print

64 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA

The theater is fully wheelchair accessible with an automatic door from the sidewalk located near the corner of Brattle and Hilliard Streets. The lobby and entrance to the theater are all at sidewalk level.

Rows that can be accessed without using stairs: The theater can be configured multiple ways: in Proscenium, HH and row A; in Half and Thrust, row A.

Restrooms: A wheelchair-accessible bathroom is located to the left as you face the box office in the front lobby (ushers or reception desk personnel will direct you).

Hearing: The theater is equipped with an infrared amplification system for the hard of hearing; headsets are available at the information desk. For patrons with a tele coil hearing aid, headsets and loops are required. Please pick up the receiver and loop at the information desk. Please set your personal hearing device to the "t" setting.

Vision: There is no obstructed view in the Loeb Drama Center. We provide large print programs at every production and you can pick one up at our reception desk.

Access at OBERON Accessible

2 Arrow Street, Cambridge, MA

OBERON is fully wheelchair accessible via the main entrance on Massachusetts Avenue and there is a ramp from Mount Auburn St. to the Massachusetts Ave. entrance.

Restrooms: A wheelchair-accessible bathroom is located to the right at the end of the hall in the front lobby (ushers or Box Office personnel will direct you).

What is ASL? ASL

American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual language. With signing, the brain processes linguistic information through the eyes. The shape, placement, and movement of the hands, as well as facial expressions and body movements, all play important parts in conveying information.

Sign language is not a universal language -- each country has its own sign language, and regions have dialects, much like the many languages spoken all over the world. Like any spoken language, ASL is a language with its own unique rules of grammar and syntax. Like all languages, ASL is a living language that grows and changes over time.

ASL is used predominantly in the United States and in many parts of Canada. ASL is accepted by many high schools, colleges, and universities in fulfillment of modern and “foreign” language academic degree requirements across the United States. Learn more at the National Association of the Deaf website.

What is Audio Description? AD

Audio description helps to ensure that people who are blind or have low vision enjoy equal access to performances (theater, dance, opera, film, video, and television) and exhibits (art galleries and museums, history and science museums, and visitor centers) and more.

With performances, audio description uses the natural pauses in dialogue or narration to provide essential visual information. A trained describer inserts descriptions of critical visual elements: actions, appearance of characters, body language, costumes, settings, lighting, etc. At live performances, descriptions are delivered through a wireless earphone allowing people who are blind or have low vision to sit anywhere in the audience.

With exhibits, audio description melds the description of significant visual elements with an abbreviated version of any posted text. Descriptions may be delivered as part of a live or recorded tour through specialized playback systems. Recorded tours also include information about the operation of the device and basic navigation through the space. Learn more at the Open Caption Coalition website.

Click here to listen to audio recordings of articles from our season Guide

What is Open Captioning? OC

Open captioning is a text display of words and sounds heard during an event.  The display is positioned in such a way that it is open for anyone to see in a particular seating area.  It is considered passive assistance, a service that is there to use or ignore.  No one is labeled as needing the captioning with special equipment required at his/her seat. Learn more at the Theatre Development Fund Website.

What is Sensory Friendly? SF

The A.R.T. programs Sensory Friendly performances that are welcoming to all children, teachers, families, and community members with autism or other sensory sensitivities.

Learn more about Sensory Friendly performances at the A.R.T.

Inquiries welcome at

2016/17 Access Performances

Purchase your tickets for our ASL Interpreted, Open Captioned, Audio Described, or Sensory Friendly performances via phone at 617.547.8300, in person at our Ticket Services Office, or by email at and let the customer service representative know which performances you are interested in. Ticket Services hours are Tuesday-Sunday from noon - 5PM, or until 1/2 hour prior to curtain.

Notes From the Field: Doing Time in Education
Audio Described: Sept. 15, 7:30PM & Sept. 17, 2PM
Open Captioned: Sept. 15, 7:30PM & Sept. 17, 2PM

The Plough and the Stars
Open Captioned: Oct. 6, 7:30PM & Oct. 8, 2PM

Audio Described: Jan. 5, 7:30PM & Jan. 8, 2PM
Open Captioned: Jan. 5, 7:30PM & Jan. 8, 2PM
ASL Interpreted: Jan. 4, 7:30PM & Jan. 7, 2PM

James and the Giant Peach
Sensory Friendly: Dec. 30, 2PM

Trans Scripts, Part I: The Women
Audio Described: Feb. 2, 7:30PM & Feb. 5, 2PM
Open Captioned: Feb. 2, 7:30PM & Feb. 5, 2PM
ASL Interpreted: Feb. 1, 7:30PM & Feb. 4, 2PM

The Night of the Iguana
Audio Described: Mar. 16, 7:30PM & Mar. 18, 2PM
Open Captioned: Mar. 16, 7:30PM & Mar. 18, 2PM
ASL Interpreted: Mar. 12, 2PM & Mar. 15, 7:30PM

Arrabal is performed primarily through tango dance and Latin music with limited spoken Spanish language, and English surtitles projected onstage. Every performance of Arrabal is appropriate for Deaf/deaf/hard of hearing patrons, and there will be no Open Captioned, AD, or ASL interpreted performances. Assisted listening devices will be available for all performances.


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