A.R.T. Kids Company!

Children are introduced to the fundamentals of theatermaking by creating weekly reimaginings of classic and contemporary fairy tales, live! 

A.R.T. Kids Company and A.R.T. Kids Company, Jr. meets Saturday mornings for an eight-week semester. Each week, we read and reimagine classic (and modern) children's stories, perform our new "adaptations," and present our work in an open class at the end of the semester. In addition to writing, directing and starring in their own mini-play every week, children are introduced to the fundamentals of theater and learn how to collaborate on creative projects.

Fall 2015 Registration Coming Soon!

A.R.T. Kids Company, Jr. is offered in two sessions per semester for children aged 5-7.
A.R.T. Kids Company is an ADVANCED class for experienced 8-10 year olds with strong reading and writing skills.
Tuition for A.R.T. Kids Company, Jr. is $260 per child.
Tuition for A.R.T. Kids Company is $280 per child.


Contact Brendan Shea for more information. Thank you!

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