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A.R.T. Kids Company is an advanced ensemble theater program for students age 8-10; over the course of the semester, we will be creating a new musical inspired by an upcoming A.R.T. production. The students will serve as book writers, lyricists AND performers (would we have it any other way?). We do not audition for this program, and prior musical theater experience is not required.

A.R.T. Kids Company Jr. is our classic creative playmaking program for students age 5-7. Each week, we start with an established children's story-- which could be anything from Cinderella to Batman-- and use improv games and creative play techniques.

Both programs meet Saturdays for eight weeks at the Loeb Drama Center, 64 Brattle St., Harvard Square.

Also, both programs culminate in an "Open Class," in which friends and family gather on the final day for a presentation of the students' work. Our Open Class is traditionally held at the A.R.T.'s second space, OBERON. It is also (traditionally) a huge amount of fun.

Saturdays, October 17 - December 12


A.R.T. Kids Company:  11AM-12:30PM
Kids Company is an ADVANCED class for experienced 8-10 year olds with strong reading and writing skills.

A.R.T. Kids Company, Jr., Session 1:  11:45AM-12:45PM
A.R.T. Kids Company, Jr., Session 2:  1PM-2PM
Kids Company Jr. is our classic creative playmaking program, for children age 5-7. No theater experience required.

Our BONUS SESSION will be a chaperoned trip to the first performance of The Pirate Princess, the A.R.T.'s new family musical, on December 19.
Tuition includes one (1) free ticket, which may be transferred to another performance by calling A.R.T. Ticket Services.

A.R.T. Kids Company:        $280 per child.
A.R.T. Kids Company, Jr.:  $260 per child.

Classes fill up FAST, so don't hesitate... and contact your fearless Kids Company leaders in the Education Department if you have any questions!

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