B.D. White

B. D. White has also worked for Manhattan Class Company on Some Girl(s), Frozen, Fat Pig, Runt of the Litter, A Letter from Ethel Kennedy, The Mercy Seat, Scattergood, Intrigue With Faye, Bright Ideas, The Distance From Here, What of the Night, Colder Than Here, Nixon’s Nixon, and The Wooden Breeks.  Other off-Broadway credits include:  Temporary Help, Cheat, Hard Feelings, Aloha Las Vegas, Birth of the Boom, The Strange Case of Mary Todd Lincoln, Bitter Lemon, Nuyorican Stories, Night of the Assassins, St. Lucy’s Eyes, Leaving Queens, Underneath the Lintel, Sophie Tottie and Bell, Songs of Paradise, Buicks, and Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran.  Brian has also toured with Jam on the Groove, the Hip-Hop dance Musical, The Core Ensemble, and the Elevator Repair Service production of Gatz.