Cori Couture

(she/her) A.R.T.: Ayodele Casel: Chasing Magic, The Conjurors’ Club. Cori has provided audio description for TV programs, films, and upwards of 90 Boston-area live shows. During the pandemic, she worked with theaters to integrate audio description into innovative online productions. In the early days of WGBH’S Descriptive Video Service (DVS), Cori described PBS shows and many movies. She has worked with DVS to narrate description for Paramount films and Disney Parks, as well as online programs for NASA and the 9/11 Museum. Cori, who has spina bifida, proudly identifies as a person with a disability. For her master’s degree, she created a one-woman show about how the arts buoyed her through life’s challenges. Her message: people with disabilities lead all kinds of lives and can have any job!