Jordan Carter

Jordan Carter headshot

A.R.T.: Macbeth In Stride. Jordan Carter developed an unshakable passion for percussion by the age of five and began playing for local churches in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio before landing a recurring gig with the internationally acclaimed “Singing Angels”. Carter’s acute focus on music led to his enrollment at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in 2010. Since his stint at Berklee, Carter’s knack for playing various styles and genres has solidified him as one of Boston’s most sought-after session drummers. Most notably, he can be heard on Marilyn Wright’s Give Me A Clean Heart, which was nominated for multiple gospel awards upon its release. Although Jordan Carter has adopted Boston as his second home, he has toured more than eight countries and played drums for globally recognized cruise lines. When he’s back in the states, Carter can be seen recording with or playing for artists including: Mark Marren, Torrence Nelson and Bquiz. Most recently, Carter plays for Sing, Oompa and the Phase 2 in the midst of accepting the Musical Director position for one of Boston’s burgeoning stars, Marcela Cruz. Carter has committed himself to acquire the skills and network to make a sustainable living as a full-time musician, thus allowing him to present his own band, “The confirmation band” to the world. He’s stated that he owes his mother, Glennis Carter, countless praise for preserving his passion, which has evidently blossomed into a very promising career in music.