Matty Selman

Lysistrata lyricist Matty Selman has written two musicals in collaboration with playwright John Pielmeier: Young Rube (music and lyrics) based on the early years of Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, Rube Goldberg, which had its world premiere on the Main Stage at the Repertory Theater of St. Louis in 1994; and Steeplechase The Funny Place (music and lyrics) selected for development at the New Harmony Project 2000. Mr. Selman is the author of Uncle Philip's Coat, the Herbert Berghof Memorial Play of 1998, which has since been continually produced across the United States. He was a guest composer at The Gathering at Big Fork , a writer's conference in Big Fork Montana, (1992 and 1993), that included Terence McNally, John Pielmeier, and Paul Zindel. Television credits include the theme music for the Emmy Award winning Martha Stewart Living on CBS and the new B. Smith with Style. Awards include a playwrighting grant from BACA (Brooklyn Arts and Cultural Association) for his street opera Borough of Braggarts and 1992 ASCAP Popular Music Award. Matty has recently completed an original screenplay, East River Diary, based on photographer Barbara Mensch's book, The Last Waterfront. He has written music and lyrics for the new musical, Heavy Date with a Hot Pick-up, (selected for development at The New Harmony Project 2001 - book by John Pielmeier), about a contest at a Texas car dealership; and In Gathering with Micki Grant, (book by playwright, John Henry Redwood). Matty's original book series, Eating My Reflection, about a group of high school girls dealing with the issue of body-image, has been optioned by Jane Startz Productions. His story, Emily's Bridge, based on the saga of Emily Roebling, a dynamic woman who was instrumental in building the Brooklyn Bridge, is being developed with his partner, Barbara Mensch, for Lifetime Television. Matty is a writer/publisher member of ASCAP.