Moe Pope

Moe Pope

Moe Pope (he/him), born and raised in Roxbury, MA, is a lyricist and visual artist who reflects on equality, love, family, community, and the human experience through his music. With over twenty years in the music industry, Pope has been a part of the bands Mission, Electric Company, Project Move, and is currently the lead vocalist in the Boston based hip hop band STL GLD. Known for their genre-infused sounds, STL GLD draws from indie rock, punk, soul, jazz, and various other genres to create their unique style of music, which culminates in a live experience that you can only understand by being at their performances. Rich with visual art, unique collaborations between musicians, and interaction with the audience, STL GLD challenges the perception of what hip hop is supposed to be. Having released a piece of art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in the form of a hip hop album and engaged in a historic collaboration and performance with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Moe Pope is shattering limitations imposed on hip hop that never should have been there. Currently, he is working on his fourth studio album with STL GLD.