Rachelle Garniez

Discography: Serenade City, Crazy Blood, Melusine Year, Sad-Dead-Alive-
Happy, KinderAngst, My House of Peace - vinyl single produced by Jack White.
Musical theater (song-writer and performer) The Little Frog Catcher,
Dixon Place; American Fairy Tales, Franklin Stage Company; Scent of
Mental Love - choreographer Keely Garfield; The Citizens Band; Grumbling
Gryphons Traveling Children's Theater. Additional Performances: Thomas
Dolby's TED Conference house band; International Akkordeon Festival, Vienna;
Festival International de Louisiane. Solo tours throughout Italy and most recently
in Moscow. NYC streets, parks, subway platforms, clubs, galleries, performance
art venues, private events, 1986 – present. Sometime band member/guest,
accordion/piano/vocalist for Karen Elson, Hazmat Modine, Jenny Scheinman,
Marvin Sewell. Son gs recorded by Karen Elson, Catherine Russell, Ingrid Lucia
& the Flying Neutrinos. Numerous television and film soundtracks (Chris Isaac
Show, Real Sex, Cathouse, The Opportunists, etc.)