Ran’D Shine

Ran’D Shine

For over a decade, Philadelphia native Ran’D Shine has been presenting “real magic for real people” to audiences in hundreds of American cities and over twenty-seven countries worldwide. He has been featured at the South African Arts Festival, the Presidential Inauguration in Washington, DC, and the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. He has also made television appearances on The CW’s “Penn & Teller: Fool Us,” as well as BET Network’s “Man on the Street.” Additionally, Shine was the subject of the 2015 short film Three Quarters by Guggenheim Fellow Kevin Everson, and was featured in the documentaries The Art and Soul of Magic: The Stories of African American Magicians (2004) and Quiet Masters of Magic (2018). In addition to his passion for live performance, Shine has also served as producer for The Heart and Soul of Magic, a magic show featuring an entirely African American cast of magicians. He is also the co-founder and past president of the International Association of Black Magical Artists, an organization dedicated to the history, the cultural legacy, and fostering community among magicians of color.