Rick Berry

Figurative painter Rick Berry began his career at 17 in underground comics, expanding into mainstream popular culture with art for Marvel and DC comics; major book and gaming publishers; and feature film (including a role as Keanu Reeves’s stunt double in cyberspace for Johnny Mnenonic). In 1984, raiding the digital labs of MIT Media Arts and Mass College of Art, he created the world’s first digital cover for a novel, William Gibson’s Neuromancer. Authors such as Neil Gaiman and Stephen King commission work, and Berry’s art continues to win awards and appear in numerous annuals. Berry taught at Tufts for three years, where he also created gallery paintings exploring political and social topics at four global symposia. His most recent exhibition, Parallel Evolutions, included an evening of collaboration with London based artist Phil Hale at Lucca Museum of Contemporary Art, Italy. Embedded artist in OperaBoston rehearsals, Berry’s large charcoals from the 2009 season were featured in his summer exhibition, Seeing in the Dark. Rick Berry maintains a studio in Medford, Mass. Published art books are Double Memory and Sparrow.