Rolland Walsh

A.R.T.: As You Like It. A.R.T. Institute: Tough Titty (Whiteman), Nutcracker Turbo (And Other Love Stories) (Nutcracker), This is a Chair (Leo). Regional: Thom Pain (based on nothing), OBERON; Becky's New Car (Chris, Oregonian 2009 Memorable Performer), The History Boys (Rudge), Artist's Repertory Theater; Love's Labour's Lost (Longaville), North West Classical Theater Company; The Missing Pieces (Timmy), Promising Playwrights, Portland Center Stage JAW: West Festival 2009-2011; An Oak Tree (The Father), Ursula (Christ), Our Shoes Are Red: The Performance Lab. Film: Occam's Razor (Greg, upcoming), Motivations Unlimited (Morgan Wunderlich). B.A. in Theater Arts from Portland State University. Currently a second-year student at the A.R.T./MXAT Institue for Advanced Theater Training.