Zayra Pola

Zayra Pola

Zayra Pola (she/her/hers) is a Puerto Rican American singer and percussionist. She was named “Pola” by a professor in honor of her grandfather Polo Ocasio, a well known folkloric Puerto Rican guitar player. Labeled by fans as “La Reina del Timbal” (The Queen of Timbales) since her outstanding performance in the 2009 Salsa Festival Honoring a La Fania, Zayra graduated with a full scholarship and Dean’s List recognition from Berklee College of Music. She received the 2015 Best Timbales Player of the Year Award from the New England Salsa Music Awards and the 2017 Salsa Singer of the Year Award from Latin Boston USA. In 2016, Zayra launched 3NITY, the first female Latin music band in the Boston area, which strives to empower female talent in a male-dominated industry. She has released two singles and is currently producing her first album, scheduled for release May 2022.