Creating Equal

Creating Equal

The Creating Equal Steering Committee is a new collective of artists, organizers, and facilitators who will generate public art-making projects, arts-based workshops, connectivity events, and original artworks in conversation with the themes of the musical 1776 in order to foster civic engagement in Greater Boston.

Steering Committee members include:

  • Janice Amaya (they/them)
  • Erin Genia (she/her)
  • Elizabeth James-Perry (she/her)
  • Timothy Patrick McCarthy (he/him)
  • Brisa Areli Muñoz (she/her)
  • Brenna Nicely (she/they)
  • Alessandra Panares (she/her)
  • Moe Pope (he/him)
  • Ireon Roach (she/her)
  • Micah Rosegrant (they/them)
  • Jessi Stegall (she/her)
  • Imani Pearl Williams (she/her)
  • Karen Young (she/her)

Those who participate in Creating Equal events, to be held in spring and summer 2021, will respond to topics from the United States Declaration of Independence, interpreting them through the lens of our nation today. Creating Equal Steering Committee members will also create their own artistic responses to the topics, processes, and relationships that emerge throughout the project. If you have any questions about Creating Equal, please contact

“Theater as practiced in Western culture shares its origin story with democracy. Creating Equal gives us the opportunity to catalyze the power of personal narrative, to reckon with the origin of our American democracy, and to lift those who might not see themselves reflected in the Declaration of Independence. I hope that through this hyper-collaborative initiative, the intentional barriers that divide and polarize us begin to fade, and the threads that link us become more apparent,” says Dayron J. Miles, Senior Advisor For Civic Engagement And Strategic Partnerships.

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