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The following A.R.T. articles, videos, lesson plans, and other resources are provided free of charge and organized for the purpose of integrating theater into your classroom. For easy browsing, content is organized by discipline, and a list of curriculum connections is provided for context. General discussion questions are also included for each discipline as a jumping off point for conversation.

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Where do playwrights find inspiration for their work?

When writing a new play, what might the playwright need to consider
about the casting, staging, and design?

What do you think is the most important aspect to consider when creating a character?


How do the different areas of design interact with one another?

How do different designers challenge themselves artistically?

What was something new that you learned about an area of design?

Set Design



Theater for Young Audiences

What is your favorite kind of character in a play?

Why do you think that teamwork is so important when working on a play?

Where do you find inspiration for the stories you tell or the pictures you draw?