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For Teens & Pre-Teens

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We believe that theater provides a platform for teens to learn, find their voice, create, and be heard.

A.R.T. develops programs like Proclamation for teens to connect to their creativity, power, and each other through mentorship, theater skill-building, and self-expression.

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A.R.T. Young Company

A.R.T. Young Company is the next step for our Kids Company program for students ages 11 to 13! Through the semester, we will create a new play with a deeper focus on ensemble-building, teamwork, and writing that expands upon our classic curriculum. Students still serve as writers and performers for a world premiere workshop performance!

Spring 2021 Class

Saturdays, March 20 – May 15, 2 – 4PM ET
No class on April 24

Registration for Spring 2021 is currently closed. To receive updates as they happen, please email to join our email list.

This semester, all of our classes will be adapted to take place via the Zoom live-conferencing platform. Registered students are expected to attend all classes, though they will each receive a materials kit for crafting or design projects in order to provide engagement options outside of class.

View each class to see tuition options and enroll.

This semester, each age group will have one meeting time. If demand is high, additional sessions at the same time will be added If your child has a friend or family member they’d like to be in the same class, there is a place to note that on the registration.

Spring Break Programs

A.R.T. now offers a combined acting and writing program during April break for teens and pre-teens, ages 11 to 15!

Acting for Teens introduces techniques for different types of performance, including scenes, monologues, script analysis, voice acting, and more. Students will work with A.R.T. teaching artists to build the essentials of the actor’s toolbox: voice, body, mind, and imagination.

Scriptwriting for Teens dives in to the process of structuring a story and crafting a playable script. Teens will write a script around a theme, build vocal performance skills through activities, and learn story crafting.


What is Proclamation?

Proclamation is, basically, a group of high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who get together after school at the theater; talk about the world with Harvard professors and A.R.T. artists; invent a mind-exploding club theater show; bask in the glory of their adoring fans; give each other the most massive, epic hugs (the squeeze-the-life-out-of-you kind); and promise they’ll never let go of this feeling: that you made something important and real, together.

That’s Proclamation. (Basically).

It’s eight weeks, three days a week, three and a half hours a day. We don’t audition for Proclamation, just informal one-on-one interviews. Whether you get invited to join the ensemble or not, we give everyone who applies the same fair shot.

Each year, Proclamation starts with a flashpoint: a current social or political event; book, essay or article; recent controversy; or work of art that ignites our investigation—which ultimately develops into an original devised theater piece written and performed by the ensemble.

We treat everyone in Proclamation like a professional. This means everyone gets paid for their work, writing, and performing at the A.R.T.

P.S.: No theater experience required.