Planned Giving

Planned Giving

The A.R.T. gratefully accepts support through financial and estate plans. Planned gifts to the A.R.T. provide long-term sustenance to our artistic, educational and community programs and ensure our ability to expand the boundaries of theater for generations to come. With a planned gift to the A.R.T., you maintain control of your assets during your lifetime, and your loved ones may receive meaningful tax benefits in the future as well.

There are many ways to make a planned gift to the A.R.T., from naming us in your will to creating a plan that is financially advantageous to you right now.


By including A.R.T. in your will, you help us expand the boundaries of theater for generations to come. This gift costs you nothing in your lifetime and will be exempt from federal estate tax.

Gifts by Retirement Asset

Individuals aged 70½ or older, who own a traditional or Roth IRA, are allowed to make a charitable gift, up to $100,000, directly from their IRA to qualified charities. A.R.T. is qualified and your gift to us (including your required minimum distribution—RMD) can completely bypass your income going forward. Read more for additional information about distributing your RMD to the A.R.T.

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Other Ways to Give

Ways to Give

How to Give

Benefit to You

Your Gift’s Impact…

Life Insurance

Name the A.R.T. as whole or partial beneficiary on an existing policy, or transfer ownership on a policy no longer needed.

This gift allows you to make a large donation at little cost. It is exempt from federal estate tax.

Helps the A.R.T. expand the boundaries of theater for generations to come!

Charitable Remainder Trusts & Gift Annuities

Create a trust or gift annuity contract with the A.R.T. as beneficiary of the income.

These gifts can remove taxable assets from your estate.

Cash Gift

Write a check, transfer stock, or give online now.

This gift maximizes your tax deduction and removes taxable assets from your estate.

Allows us to break boundaries now, funding our current season onstage.

The information above is only intended to provide an overview of your giving options. The American Repertory Theater is not qualified to render tax or legal advice. We look forward to working with you and your legal/financial advisors to create an arrangement that works best for you.

The A.R.T. has instituted telework procedures for its staff. If you would like to contact a member of the Development team, please email us at All emails will receive a response within one business day (Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM).