Fresh Pond Podcast Plays

For the full experience, click the title of the Podcast Play to download from SoundCloud, then take these podcasts on a walk to the Fresh Pond Reservation in Cambridge. Listen to each play in the location that inspired it!

Fresh Pond Reservation (Black's Nook)
Creative Action Project + Cambridge Water Dept.


Dark Waters
by Jesenia O., Alexa A., Naikey L. and Orly L.

According to myth, the waters of Black’s Nook rise every night at six o’clock, swallowing anything and everything in its path. One night, a teenage couple decides to prove that this urban legend is exactly that—just a legend. Listen on the observation platform at Black's Nook.


The Unlucky Ice Barons 
By Maedot K. and Amy Z.

In the mid-19th century, Frederic TudorBoston’s Ice Kingmade a fortune selling ice from Fresh Pond to the Caribbean, Europe, and even parts of India. Two ex-employees of the Tudor Ice Company stumble their way to Black’s Nook, with the hope of recovering some “frozen assets” of their own. Listen while walking the path around Black's Nook.


Do Not Mess With Jada A. Jackson
By Kenya G. and Alyanna W.

On her way to a surprise anniversary party in a secluded part of the Fresh Pond Reservation, Jada uncovers a deadly plot against her. Too bad these would-be criminals had no idea who they were messing with.


The Water Boy
by Viola C., Corrina C., and Abina N.

Take a dive into Black’s Nook Pond and meet a curious boy with a curious secret. With the help of his neighbor, a Great Blue Heron named Stickbird, Rudolph emerges from the deep to discover who he really is. Listen on the observation platform at Black's Nook.


A Wounded Animal
by Takiyah R. and Malika W.

Three friends attend music camp to pursue their creative passions, but a chance encounter with a neglected pet cause their true colors to emerge. Listen at Sousa's Rock, outside Black's Nook.

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