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For the full experience, click the title of the Podcast Play to download from SoundCloud, then take these podcasts on a walk to the Ray Mellone Park at the Honan-Allston Branch Library. Listen to each play in the location that inspired it!

Performers:  Rushi Kota, Elizabeth Bates, Adeola Role, Amen Igbinosun, Ashruf Ghanimah and Marisa Fratto

Ray Mellone Park, Allston
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The Ruined Tablecloth
by Cynthia, Clair and Gabriel

Lucy, Kyle and Amy are three lions enjoying their lunchat least they would be, if they could find their waitress. Things take an unexpected turn when a mysterious visitor is discovered lurking around their table...

Listen at the lion fountain, Mellone Park, Allston, MA.


True or False
by Nora, Ava, Rafaela and Julia

Maria's world is turned upside down when her dog, Murray, makes a startling discovery. Relationships between neighbors are strained to the breaking point as they attempt to unravel a dark mystery.
Listen at the path alongside the quarry, Mellone Park, Allston, MA.


Indy and Luke the Human Weapon:  Adventures to Mt. Everest
by Michael, Luke and Gavin

Intrepid duo Indy and Luke the Human Weapon follow a dangerous trail to the Himalayas, where an ancient treasure lies in wait. Could this be the end of the world's most famous team of adventurers?

Listen at the top of the spiral hill, Mellone Park, Allston, MA.

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