Moacir (Mo) Barbosa

Mo Barbosa

Mo Barbosa is the Director of Community Engagement at Health Resources in Action. Prior to joining HRiA, he was Program Coordinator for the Fellowship Center in St. Louis, MO and Director of the Area 4 Youth Center in Cambridge, MA. Mo delivers training, provides technical assistance, and participates in field building initiatives. He promotes the professionalization of the field through his work on legislation, youth worker networks, and partnerships with higher education.  As a trainer, Mo builds the skills of participants while keeping connections to theory. A long time facilitator of community processes, he works with gangs, parents, youth, political organizations, tenant councils and community resident groups.  His current community work is in the Area 4/Port neighborhood of Cambridge focusing on violence and other community issues. Mo chairs the Men of Color Task Force for the City of Cambridge, serves on the boards of the Phillips Brooks House Association, the Port Action Group and the Design Studio for Social Intervention, serves on his local board of health and is a trustee of the Cambridge Health Alliance, a hospital system in the greater Boston area.  Additionally, he has participated in various local, state, and national boards and steering committees focusing on a wide range of issues from youth work to international relations.

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