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Sam Kulik

Sam Kulik (Guitar) works as a trombonist, bassist, and guitarist with an exciting throng of bands in New York City.  His own project Escape From Society is an album of song-poems based on lyrics he was sent by strangers on Craigslist.  He also co-wrote and performed the psychedelic opera "Talibam! and Sam Kulik Discover AtlantASS", which was released on CD with a 30-page comic book and staged last year at the Ontological-Hysteric Theater in New York.  He plays bass in the prog band Starring and the Iranian funk band Mitra Sumara and plays trombone with David First's The Western Enisphere, Skeletons Big Band, Johnny Society, and recent theater works by Cynthia Hopkins and The Talking Band.  He has also performed and recorded with John Zorn, Amanda Palmer, and Anthony Braxton.  You can listen to Sam's podcast at www.samkulik.com.  He is a native of Worthington, Massachusetts.

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