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Phone-Free Experience at Gatsby

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What to Expect

Keep the story on the stage: all performances of Gatsby will be a phone-free experience to protect the artistic process and prevent illegal recording of the production. Use of cellphones, smart accessories, cameras, or recording devices will not be permitted in the performance space. To expedite entry, we recommend printing your tickets and arriving early.

Upon arrival at the theater, all phones, smart accessories, cameras, and recording devices will be secured in Yondr pouches that will be opened at the end of the performance. Guests maintain possession of their phones at all times, and can access their phones throughout the event at the designated Phone Use Area in the theater. All phones will be re-secured in Yondr pouches before returning to the performance space.

A PDF of your tickets will be sent via email approximately two days before your performance. To expedite entry, we recommend printing out this PDF and arriving early. If you would like to change how your tickets are delivered, please contact Guests are encouraged to bring a credit card or cash for purchases at the bar. We appreciate your cooperation in creating a phone-free viewing experience.

How It Works

Our Front of House staff will be available to assist you every step of the way.

Sliding your phone into a Yondr pouch, locking the pouch, and unlocking the pouch

Before the Show

  1. When you arrive at the Loeb Drama Center, enter the atrium through the door that has a sign for the type of tickets you have: printed or digital. If you need to visit the Will Call, enter the side for printed tickets.
  2. If you have digital tickets on your phone, show them to an usher. They will write down your seat information on a reminder card for you.
  3. At the doors to the box office, scan your printed or digital tickets.
  4. After your tickets are scanned, power down your devices.
  5. You will be directed to a Yondr Checkpoint beside the box office where an usher will place your phone and other devices in a Yondr pouch, lock the pouch, and hand it back to you.
  6. Take your Yondr pouch with you to the East or West Lobby, then enter the theater, find your seats, and enjoy the show!

If you use your phone as a medical/accessibility device, please see the staff at the Yondr Checkpoint about an exemption.

During Intermission

  1. If you would like to use your phone, bring your Yondr pouch to the Phone Use Area off the West Lobby, which is a covered outdoor space.
  2. An usher will unlock your Yondr pouch for you to access your phone.
  3. When you are finished, power down your device, place it in your Yondr pouch, and lock the pouch.
  4. When you re-enter the lobby, an usher will check that your Yondr pouch is locked.

Bar service is available in both the East and West Lobbies. Bathrooms are available downstairs from the West Lobby. Please see an usher if you require the use of a ground-floor bathroom.

After the Show

  1. As you leave the Loeb Drama Center, visit an usher to have your Yondr pouch unlocked. Multiple exits are staffed.
  2. Remove your devices from the Yondr pouch.
  3. Place the Yondr pouch in one of the hampers around the exits.

You are welcome to remain in the lobby after the show. Find an usher to unlock your Yondr pouch once patrons who are exiting have been assisted.


Closing the Pouch

Opening the Pouch