A Midsummer Night's Dream (2004)

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As Theseus, the duke of Athens, prepares to marry his relucant fiancée, he sanctions Egeus’s request that his daughter Hermia be forced to marry Demetrius, a man she does not love. Hermia, fearing death or nunnery, flees to the wood with her best friend Helena- she to elope with Lysander and Helena to win Demetrius’ love. Lysander and Demetrius, both in love with Hermia, follow in hot pursuit. Each of the four hope to be united with their true love. In the same forest, a group of tradesmen rehearse a play for the duke’s wedding entertainment. In the course of the night, the king of the fairies and his assistant Puck use their magic to take revenge on the fairy queen and confound the helpless young lovers. By morning, the fairies have set everything to rights. The tradesmen’s hilarious entertainment, a joyous wedding dance, and the blessings of the fairies end the play.