Beckett Trio: Eh Joe, Ghost Trio, Nacht und Träume

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Reunited after 1994’s highly acclaimed An Evening of Beckett, director Robert Scanlan and Alvin Epstein, one of the A.R.T.’s acclaimed senior actors, returned to the work of this twentieth-century master to explore, in a theatrical setting, the curious isolations of a video-haunted image, as a lone actor is stalked by the relentless eye of the camera in a confined space.

Beckett Trio is a suite of three pieces for solo actor written especially for television over a span of twenty years. Beckett’s exploration of deep inner states of reflection and self-consciousness, and the memory traces of lost loved ones, are common themes in these works. These three formal expriments with the delicate medium of the video screen were staged simultaneously imaged in an evening designed to reveal Beckett’s growing mastery of the television screen experience.