2017/18 OBERON Presents Season Carousel
2017/18 OBERON Presents Season Carousel

Bridget Barkan - Dear Stranger, I Love You

Afterglow @ OBERON
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Part of the 2017/18 Glowberon Season

Bridget shines her light on the community that continues to inspire this living alternative cabaret show. You’ll be delighted and moved by her stories, characters, original and cover songs, improvisation, poetry, dance and unapologetic truth. A musical journey from bad to new love, a dance between free love and committed love, the fight for self love and ultimate infinite universal love that can bring us all together: Perhaps our struggles will usher in an endless season of love.

Bridget Barkan is a native New Yorker who has been working since birth. From childhood, Barkan has been inspired by both the stage shows of Whoopi Goldberg, Lily Tomlin and Laurie Anderson and the music of artists ranging from Joni Mitchell to Erykah Badu. As a singer, Barkan has toured the world with pop/glam band the Scissor Sisters, opening for Lady Gaga, sung with Lily Allen, and recorded with legendary house DJ and producer Todd Terry in addition to releasing her own albums and singles.

Starting out as a child actress, Barkan appeared in commercials and Sesame Street, continuing to current day in films like HBO’s Everyday People, Sherrybaby with Maggie Gyllenhaal, Brian De Palma’s controversial Redacted and, most recently, God’s Pocket, alongside Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Barkan had a guest role in Steven Soderbergh’s TV show “The Knick,” and a recurring role as the one-legged hooker on “Law & Order: SVU.” On stage, Barkan has appeared in various Manhattan Theatre Club productions, was in the original production of Dog Sees God, and a workshop of hit Broadway show Spring Awakening.

Barkan shows her chops with genre-bending shows that employ both her love of song, character building and storytelling. Not only a shape shifter with accents and body language, she is also a vocal chameleon seamlessly riffing her way through jazz, soul, R&B, folk, electronic and traditional musical theater songs. Some have said she is like the secret child of Cindy Sherman and John Waters, raised by the ghost of Janis Joplin. In addition to her own marquee shows, she performs with the band Slow Nights (Del Marquis, Xavier, Rod Thomas) and appears regularly with fellow NYC-based artists Bright Light Bright Light, Lady Rizo, Murray Hill and Joey Arias.

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