Geek Girl Boston presents: Historical Hysteria

Doors open 7:30PM



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Come join Geek Girl Boston as we take you on this most EXCELLENT ADVENTURE featuring some of the hottest figures from the annals of history. Who will we see grace our stage as we take a journey from ancient times to who knows, perhaps the future and beyond! Marie Antoinette? Joan of Arc? Julius Caesar? George Washington? Genghis Khan? JFK? Burlesque, belly dance and circus arts will amaze you, brought to you by Fonda Feeling, Samara, Ginny Nightshade, Boston’s own Sirlesque, NYC’s Foxy Squire and your host Amy Macabre. Of course, not to be missed the comedy stylings of Matt Chaves and the most hilariously uncomfortable fan fiction from the soothing baritone of TJ Horn. Stay and party afterwards with the awesome Space Basement spinning.
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