• Mar 29, 2013 & Mar 31, 2013



$10 for Standing Room; $15 for Table Seats

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Featuring original live electronic music, live video projections, inflatable scenic installations and depth defying action sequences, GRAVITY is a visceral adventure that will set you free. Audiences will enter into a party that will transport you through the journey of our heroes as we drink and dance along the way. From the core of the earth, to the icy rebel base, to the fiery jungle, to the mysterious swamplands and beyond, we will defy the laws of physics and break free of Gravity’s chains.

Featuring a ferocious young ensemble of New York City artists, GRAVITY is paving the way for a new generation. Performer and writer Carolyn Gilliam plays the evil underlord Gravity. Critically acclaimed Off Broadway actor Karen Eilbacher embodies the tortured hero Mia. Indie singer-songwriter Justin Vahala plays the rebel Teleporter. Rising musical theatre star Sami Horneff transforms as the feisty Fire Girl. And underground hip hop sensation Robot Moonjuice is the prophetic time warping Oracle.

Directed by Paul Leopold, the visionary behind some of New York’s most raucous performance parties, GRAVITY features live original electronic music produced by hip hop’s up-and-coming DJ JX Cannon and stunning visuals by the transformational projection artist Salome Asega. Costumes designed by custom fetish and latex goddess Klawtex.

Mark Dommu, editor and chief of arts blog The Culture Whore says, “GRAVITY is a completely immersive performance experience, tailor made for those who find traditional theatre stale. You’ll be transfixed and transformed and have a lot of fun.”

Come taste what it feels like to be a hero!

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