Highway Ulysses

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In this innovative musical response to Homer’s Odyssey, a reclusive war veteran, Ulysses, receives an urgent call in the middle of the night and embarks on a journey to find his son. On his way, he gets waylaid by a kaleidoscopic mix of characters: a waitress at a truck stop, a trio of sirens in a jail cell, a one-eyed librarian, a woman in a tattoo parlour. These bizarre characters embrace Ulysses, forcing him to confront his violent past and propelling him toward the fateful meeting with his estranged son.

Major Funding for Highway Ulysses has been provided by:

The National Endowment for the Arts
Crosscurrents, a program of the Altria Group, Inc.
The Rockefeller Foundation Multi-Arts Production Fund


Bride Nora Cole
Ulysses Thomas Derrah
Son Dana Marks
Ensemble Heather Benton, Rinde Eckert, Will LeBow, Karen MacDonald, Michael Potts
Wedding Guests Dianne Chalifore, Alison Clear, Lisa P. Miller Gillespie, Seth Reich, Josh Wright, Holly Vanasse
Musicians Empty House Cooperative – David Curry (viola, theremin, homemade instruments, digital loop samples, singing saw, horn), Chris Brokaw (guitar, percussion), Jonah Sacks (cello, guitar), Peter Foley (music director, piano)
scenic and costume design by David Zinn
lighting design by David J. Weiner
sound design by David Remedios
movement by Doug Elkins
music director Peter Foley
stage manager M. Pat Hodge