Holy Wars: Morocco and The Road to Jerusalem

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In Morocco, a Jewish-American architect, Mr. Kempler, struggles to win the release of his Arab wife, who has been charged with prostitution and detained in a Fez prison. Kempler is conviced she has been framed. Over a ten-day period, the architect meets regularly with the Third World colonel in charge of the prison to convince him to free his wife. 

The Road to Jerusalem is set in a bomb shelter just outside of Jerusalem. An American-born Israeli woman and a West German luxury car salesman have just buried two corpses as gunfire explodes over their heads. Just as the German and the Jew begin to find common ground, a wounded Palestinian refugee joins them. Although an attempt at cordial relations is made, the Arab rapes the Jew and kills the German. 

Notable dates


Creative team


Allan Havis

Directed by

Gerald Chapman 

Set designed by

Kate Edmunds

Costumes designed by

Lynn Jeffery and Elizabeth Perlman

Lighting designed by

Thom Palm

Morocco Cast:

The Colonel       Ben Halley, Jr.

Mr. Kempler       Tony Shalhoub


Road to Jerusalem Cast:

Heinrich            Jeremy Geidt

Grace                Lise Hilboldt

Ari                     Tony Shalhoub

Victims              Sophie Geidt
                          Nicole Shalhoub