ANTHEM: An Evening with Justice Ameer and Chrysanthemum Tran

ANTHEM: An Evening with Justice Ameer and Chrysanthemum Tran

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ANTHEM is a debut two-woman show featuring Justice Ameer and Chrysanthemum Tran, esteemed Rhode Island-based poets and performers. From praise songs to war cries to bops you can’t help but dance to, anthems have long been the heartbeat of political liberation. ANTHEM, an hour-long performance, explores how race and gender politics shape reality for transgender woman of color. An indictment of a nation determined to police freedom and livelihood yet rallying declaration of our militant survival, ANTHEM reveals the lasting legacies of trans women who fought before us and celebrates the communities for whom joy is too often an afterthought. Our voices and our fists are raised. ANTHEM is unapologetic in saying: in the shadow of a world that wants us dead, we will not go down with a fight. We will survive.

Supported by the pedal looping stylings of Sweetpea Pumpkin (Muggs Fogarty), the vocals of Andrine Pierresaint & the piano/keyboard accompaniment of Simon Olsen.

Featured guest poets will be Golden, Ilyus Evander, Julissa Emile, Lin Pang, Mae Verano, and Torrin Greathouse.


Created and Performed by Justice Ameer and Chrysanthemum Tran


Justice Ameer is a Black trans woman poet, teaching artist, and performer based in Providence, Rhode Island. Xe is a Pink Door fellow, FEM Slam Champion, and two-time Providence Grand Slam Champion. Xyr work has been published in POETRY Magazine, Glass Poetry Press, and The BreakBeat Poets Vol. 2: Black Girl Magic anthology.

Chrysanthemum Tran is a Vietnamese poet, performer, and educator based in Rhode Island by way of Oklahoma. In 2016, she made history by becoming the first trans woman finalist of the Women of the World Poetry Slam. A Pink Door Fellow and teaching artist for the Providence Poetry Slam, Chrysanthemum is a 2016 Rustbelt Poetry Slam Champion and 2017 FEMS Poetry Slam Champion. Her work can be found in Them., The Offing, Muzzle Magazine, the Bettering American Poetry Vol. 2 anthology, and others forthcoming.