Olly's Prison

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“We’re all in it ’till we understand.”

In an ordinary London flat, a desperate man is driven to commit an unspeakable act. Can he ever be free from the retribution of society, or will the legacy of the deed haunt him for all his life? Bond’s magnificent play, originally written for television, is a scorching investigation of the forces of repression, and the quest for freedom, which bind our lives.

Edward Bond is one of Britain’s most lauded and controversial playwrights. His modern tragedies are landmarks in contemporary political drama. His writing is stark and bold, but shot through with gleams of redemption and hope, which transform his gritty urban landscapes into theatrical poetry. Artistic Director Robert Woodruff’s recent productions at the A.R.T. have included Oedipus, The Sound of a Voice, and Highway Ulysses, which demonstrated his ability to bring heart and humanity to some of the provocative questions of our existence.

Need to know

Olly’s Prison contains scenes of violence and is not suitable for children.

Notable dates

Olly’s Prison contains scenes of violence and is not suitable for children.

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Mike Bill Camp
Sheila Zofia Goszczynska
Vera Angela Reed
Frank David Wilson Barnes
Barry Thomas Derrah
Smiler Peter Dylan Richards
Guards Shawtane Monroe Bowen, Jason Christopher Brown, Sam Chase
Ellen Karen MacDonald
Prisoners Alejandro Simoes, Amar Srivastava
Lucy’s Mother Zuzanna Szadkowski
Oliver Mickey Solis