The Communist Dracula Pageant: by Americans, for Americans, with hallucinations, phosphorescence, and bears

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It is 1989, and one of the most vicious Eastern European regimes of all time is on trial. And it is 1976, and Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu, at the height of their powers, mount a pageant to celebrate the glory of the Romanian nation. And it is the fifteenth century, and Vlad Tepes—the original Count Dracula—steps out of the dark mists and swings his cape about him. He looks around him and his eyes gleam red. The Communist Dracula Pageant is a wild and offbeat romp through the web of Romanian myth and history, drawn from the imagination of one of this country’s most lauded young writers. Our own election season provides the perfect backdrop for the premiere of this theatrical satire on the forging of a national identity, and the power of a president to rewrite the news.

“With the exception of rumor, everything here is fact; apart from all the very colorful bits, it is imagination; this is how we create a history.”
“Something is dismounting the horse of history, which has been ridden hard. Something has leapt to the earth and is striding towards us. You can hear the horse’s heaving breath, and footsteps on the icy ground.”
The Communist Dracula Pageant

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Major Production Sponsor: Rebecca Gold Milikowsky
Production Sponsors: Page Bingham and Jim Anathan

The world premiere of The Communist Dracula Pageant has been made possible in part by the Edgerton Foundation New American Plays Award.


Nicolae Ceausescu Thomas Derrah
Elana Ceausescu/Pageant Elena Karen MacDonald
Vlad Tepes/The Functionary Will LeBow
Ensemble Remo Airaldi, Kaaron Briscoe, Sheila Carrasco, Shawn Cody, John Kuntz, Matthew Maher, James Senti, Josh Stamell, Roger K. Stewart
Pageanteers Adam Eli Clem, John M. Costa, Wayne Fritsche, Carrie Ann Quinn
Understudies Roger Kuch, Nicolae Ceausescu; Sheila Carrasco, Elena Ceausescu/Pageant Elena; Josh Stammel, Vlad Tepes/The Functionary; Renzo Ampuero, Kaaron Briscoe, Doug Chapman. Shawn Cody, Carl Foreman, Manoel Hudec, Paul Murillo, James Senti, Chudney Sykes, Ensemble
scenic design Mimi Lien
costume design Christal Weatherly
lighting design Tyler Micoleau
sound design David Remedios
original music J. Michael Friedman
choreography Doug Elkins
voice and speech Nancy Houfek
stage manager Katherine Shea
dramaturgs Gideon Lester and Marshall Botvinick
production associate Amanda Robbins-Butcher
assistant dramaturg Beck Holden