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The Donkey Show

The Donkey Show

  • AUG 21, 2009 – SEP 7, 2019


  • Run Time: 90 Minutes

Featuring a bar and dancing in the performance space.
This show features glitter.

Featuring a bar and dancing in the performance space.
This show features glitter.

  • Run Time

    90 Minutes

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This event has passed

Riveting. . . So visceral that words seem almost beside the point.

The Boston Globe

Tony Award-winner Diane Paulus’ celebrated smash hit The Donkey Show, brings you the ultimate disco experience—a crazy circus of mirror balls and feathered divas, of roller skaters and hustle queens inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Come party on the dance floor to all the 70s disco hits you know by heart as the show unfolds around you. After the show, the party continues into the night so you can live out your own fantasy of disco fever!

The Donkey Show will conclude its decade-long hit run on September 7, 2019.

The first production Terrie and Bradley Bloom Artistic Director Diane Paulus staged at the A.R.T., The Donkey Show was a catalyst in establishing OBERON as a club-theater venue where artists could experiment with space, storytelling, and the relationships between performers and audiences. The A.R.T. is looking forward to OBERON’s next chapter as it deepens relationships with local artists and companies, as well as performers who come to this unique space from across the country and around the world.

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Conceived by Randy Weiner
Directed by Diane Paulus & Randy Weiner
Scenic Design by Scott Pask
Costume Design by David C. Woolard
Lighting Design by Evan Morris
Sound Design by David Remedios


2009 – 2019

Page Axelson, Holly Bourdon, Michele Brown-Kerrigan, Charlie Carr, Darcie Champagne, Lisa Finegold, Kristin Ivy Haynes, Caroline Lellouche, Jordy Lievers, Meredith Saran, Hannah Shihdanian, Aly Trasher, Rebecca Whitehurst

Mr. Oberon/Mia
Sarah Crane, Caley Crawford, Melissa Geerloff, Heather Gordon, Grace Hardin, Sarah Jadin, Michelle Martinelli, Meagan Michelson, Sarah Mullis, Julie Peterson, Marissa Roberts, Kirsten Salpini, Tanya Stockler, Jackie Theoharris, Bronte Upshaw, Rachel Wirtz

Grace Hardin, Ruthie Fontanella, Melissa Geerlof, Annabella Joy, Simon Les, Michelle Martinelli, Erin McShane, Grayson Mills, Danielle Muehlen, Hannah Shihdanian, Tader Shipley, Sophia Shrand, Jackie Theoharris, Allie Wing

Taylor Brennan, Michele Brown-Kerrigan, Holly Bourdon, Vanessa Calantropo, Julia Deegler, Lucille Duncan, Annika Franklin, Ara Glenn-Johanson, Carly Jurman, Kirsten Salpini, Meredith Saran, Hannah Shihdanian, Ali Stoner, Cheryl Turski, Sabrina Victor, Allie Wittner

Taylor Brennan, Manny Avellanet, James Cerne, Joseph Colbourne, Danny Danroff, Maxx Enright, Michael Kane, Samson Kohanski, Jeff Marcus, Maddy Mathias,  Jesse Rudoy, Kristian Sorenson, Jacob Sherburne, Mitchell Todd, Colin Thurmond, Nate Tucker, Adam Winer, Matt Wood

Dr. Wheelgood
Manny Avellanet, Jason Beaubien, Cameron Benda, Scotty Morgan, Mark Mauriello, Kenneth Miller, Mitchell Todd, Brian Washburn, Adam Winer, Matt Wood

Cob Web, Peaseblossom, Mustard Seed, Moth
Emannuel Avellanet, Andrew Barrett Cox, Haissan Booth, Louis Brogna, Theo Brown, Taylor Brennan, Zach Bubolo, Christian Bufford, Darren Bunch, Antonio Del Valle, Thomas Doegler, Robbi Duncan, Zach Eisenstat, Tom Fish, Tramaine Ford, Bradley Gibson, Daniel Gold, Michael Gomez, Kevin Hadfield, Mike Heslin, Derek Hoyden, Mason Hsieh, Eric Johnson, Tal Kedem, Doug Kolakowski, Marty Lauter, Sean Lessard, Brian Liebson, Kyle Louviere, Timothy Malboeuf, Bart Mather, Jordan Mickle, Kenneth Miller, Daniel Moore, Corey Mosello, Gabe Nesser, Amos Oliver, Cameron Oro, DJ Petrosino, Teagan Read, Isaac Reynolds, Austin Stang, Jonathan Stevens, Brian Washburn, Kyle VanZandt

Emmanuel Avellanet, Calvin Braxton, Andrew Child, Mike D’Angelo, Steven DeMarco, Cody Garcia, Corey Mosello, Juan Carlos Pinedo, Christopher Pittman, Guy Pugliese, Jacob Sherburne, Jordan Sobel, Dereks Thomas

Disco Girl
Holly Bourdon, Taylor Brennan, Lisa Finegold, Ruthie Fontanella, Grace Hardin, Ivy Haynes, Susannah Hoffman, Daisy Layman, Adele Leikauskas, Caroline Lellouche, Danielle Lussier, Ashley Mayorquin, Grayson Mills, Sarah Mullis, Brittany Perro, Marissa Roberts, Annie Ross, Meredith Saran, Hannah Shihdanian, Bronte Upshaw


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