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The Lunch Room is A.R.T.’s virtual talk show with the artists, activists, and civic leaders who are shaping our culture and communities. Join members of the A.R.T. staff for curated conversations and interactive Q&As.

Previous 2021/22 Episodes

Previous episodes of The Lunch Room will be available to watch on YouTube 2 – 3 weeks after originally airing. Watch Previous Episodes

March 8: Ocean Filibuster collaborators Lisa D’Amour (text), Katie Pearl (direction), Sxip Shirey (music), and Jennifer Kidwell (Mr. Majority and The Ocean) visit to talk about the creative process behind the genre-crashing music-theater premiere that brings audiences beneath the waves to discover the intimate, critical relationship between humankind and the ocean. Tune in to hear about how scientists from the Harvard University Center for the Environment provided inspiration, the role of music and sound in the immersive design, the multiple meanings of the line, “I am the ocean,” and the team’s plans to bring the immersive experience on tour across the country.

February 8:
Y2Y Network Executive Director Cameron Van Fossen and Winter Walk Executive Director Ari Barbanell join A.R.T.’s Community Organizing Manager Julia Schachnik to discuss their respective organizations’ vital work in service of the homeless communities of Cambridge and Greater Boston.

December 28: Called “a show that really is ahead of its time” by The New York Times, the A.R.T.’s world-premiere concert production of WILD: A Musical Becoming was bringing audiences to their feet nightly when it was forced to closed early due to a breakthrough of COVID-19, but its impact will be long-felt. Tune in to hear from V (formerly Eve Ensler; In the Body of the World, The Vagina Monologues) and Chanel DaSilva (Moby-Dick, The Black Clown) about the musical fable The Boston Globe said has “songs [that] burn with urgency, and their smolder makes the underlying message of WILD—that the climate catastrophe is a dire threat to future generations—linger long after the curtain calls have subsided.”

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