Doors open 7:30pm


Mezzanine Table Seat: $20; Floor Table Seat: $15; Stool: $12; Standing Room: $10

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Three narratives that uniquely integrate theatre, video, dance, art, and rock music.

Triptych features three segments:
1) Wake No More by Porcelain
2) Adventures in Post-irony by Garvy J.
3) Bring Us Your Women: an homage to women, divinity, and the pursuit of freedom by Catherine Capozzi featuring the Axemunkee Munkestra

Wake No More explores Jung’s dream archetypes and issues of identity. We all encounter characters in our dreams that are created by our subconscious. They are part of us, but separate. What happens if these characters decide that they want to wake up instead of you? This is the story of Wake No More. This segment was created by John T. Langton and will feature three songs performed by Porcelain to projected video, separated by two short theatre pieces. Musicians include John T. Langton, Jeff Posner, Mark Adamoyurka, Tony Savarino, Tim Washburn, and Chuck Pukmel. Actors in video and theater include but are not limited to Anthony Ants Conley, Tad Mckitterick, Sophia Cacciola, and Catherine Capozzi. Videos were directed and produced by Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola.

Garvy J. and the Secret Pockets of Hope and Resistance will perform Adventures in Post-irony. It is a meta-narrative on the degree of irony necessary to become sincere. Rather than pursuing the first or second derivative of superficial contrarianism, it explores the limit of all ironic meta levels as expression approaches the singularity of meaning.

BRING US YOUR WOMEN: An homage to women, divinity, and the pursuit of freedom will be performed by Catherine Capozzi with the Axemunkee Munkestra. This performance explores issues related to women, religion, sex, and politics. The focus is on tolerance and inclusiveness, strengths and commonalities – themes that are bigger than individual beliefs and are shared by the most prevalent religions on our planet including various versions of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Paganism. Multiple songs will be performed accompanied by dance, visual art, and spoken word.

Performers include the following:
Catherine Capozzi- guitar
Chuck Pukmel -bass
Yuri Zbitnoff- acoustic drums
Tamora Gooding – electronic drums
Susannah Plaster -viola

Guest vocals:
Sophia Cacciola
Johnny Blazes
Christine Zufferey
Michael J. Epstein

Jade Sylvan

Leah Principe
Karin Webb
Chienhwe Hong
Porcelain Dayla

Meghan Chiampa
Eowyn Evans
Jane Allard
Nina Alberg

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