Trojan Barbie

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“There is no life in another country. You’ll always be a foreigner, stuck on the wrong side of the looking-glass.”—Trojan Barbie

Lotte Jones, a doll repair expert, needs a vacation. She books herself on a cultural tour for singles and travels with them to modern-day Troy, where she finds more of a change of scene than she’d bargained for— she’s in the midst of an attack by the Greek army threatening to destroy the last fragments of a mighty civilization.

Part contemporary drama, part homage to Euripides’ Trojan Women, Trojan Barbie recasts the legendary fall of the city of Troy against the vivid reality of modern warfare. Poetic, compassionate, and tinged with great warmth and humor, Trojan Barbie is an epic war story with a most unlikely heroine, who always looks on the bright side even as past and present collide about her.  Carmel O’Reilly, director of Sugan Theatre’s St. Nicholas that A.R.T. presented in 2000, joins the Company for the first time to direct this imaginative work.

Major Production Sponsors:

Philip and Hilary Burling
Sarah Hancock


The Trojans
Hecuba Paula Langton
Polly X Kaaron Briscoe
Cassandra Nina Kassa
Andromache Skye Noel
Clea Emily Alpren
Esme Lisette Silva
The Others
Helen Careena Melia
Lotte Karen MacDonald
Mica Renzo Ampuero
Talthybius/Max Carl Foreman
Jorge, Menelaus, Clive, Officer in Blue Jim Senti
set design David Reynoso
costume design David Reynoso
lighting design Justin Townsend
sound design David Remedios
stage manager Chris De Camillis
dramaturgs Gideon Lester and Katie Mallinson
voice and speech Nancy Houfek